Here is Apple’s new operating system iOS 16 for iPhone 14


The software to power Apple’s next iPhone has emerged. Apple’s iOS 16 was first shown on stage during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) presentation., in anticipation of a public release later in the year. It will come pre-installed on the iPhone 14, but will also be compatible with a variety of current iPhone models, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.

new lock screen

Apple refreshes the lock screen It gets a whole new look in iOS 16. Touch and hold the screen to open an editor with various preset styles to scroll. In particular, it will be possible to add filters, different backgrounds and even text. You can create and navigate different lock screens with photos taken from your gallery, as well as choose a full-screen weather view or even an emoji lock screen.

Improved notifications on the lock screen and now appear at the bottom of the screen to not close the photo. Live Event Notifications show small notifications at the bottom of the lock screen for things like Uber rides and activity tracking, making it easy to keep track of what’s going on in real time. Some can be expanded to show more details, including showing album art in the music player.

Focus mode now applies to home screenThe lock screen images and widgets are automatically connected to the Focus mode, where you can switch between modes without having to turn on the mode on the smartphone.


There are three new features. Messages can be edited after they are sent, and there’s a new no-send feature, as well as the ability to mark messages as unread. There are also new sharing functions. The ‘Shared with you’ feature highlights shared items in messages from related apps, such as a photo in the Photos app, when you open them later, so you don’t miss anything.

Share Game feature, previously only available in FaceTime, is now also available in Messages. When you find something you want to share and watch with a friend, you can send it directly to Messages so the videos can be watched together in the app.


Dictation has also been improved to make the transition from touch to voice input smoother. Now the keyboard remains active even when you dictate, so you can actively edit the text as you go, but you must select it with the keyboard and dictate the word again. It also automatically adds punctuation marks.

apple wallet

Apple is working with 11 more states in the US to add driver’s licenses and ID cards to Apple Wallet, and the first TSA locations are already working at select airports. Apart from that, new features will include the ability to prove your age using Wallet for services like Uber Eats, and digital key sharing will be possible via Mail, Messages and other apps like WhatsApp. Apple is also trying to integrate the digital key feature with devices other than the iPhone.

For Apple Pay, a new Pay Later feature will be available so you can spread the cost of an item across four payments with no interest or fees. It will be available wherever Apple Pay is available. Orders paid using Apple Pay can be tracked starting with Shopify and soon other merchants.


iOS 16 introduces a new sports news experience. It lets you follow your favorite teams and leagues, all grouped in a new My Sports section. Scores, schedules and standings are displayed in one place there. It will be available in the US, UK and France.

Apple Maps

Apple’s Maps app suggests multi-stop routes with up to 15 stops and then stores those routes in the Recents view so you can reuse them. These routes can be planned on the Mac and then sent to the iPhone, and additional stops can be added to the route using Siri alone. Also, there is new fare information in the Transit section and Apple Pay will be integrated to pay for them.


Additionally, Safari now lets you share groups of tabs and has Toggle Keys for safe and easy browsing. Passwords aim to replace passwords, something Apple has been trying to do for a long time. The fitness app is available to all iPhone users, even if they don’t have an Apple Watch.

iOS 16 also brings the Security Control privacy feature to protect against domestic violence. It allows people to easily remove access to all accounts given to other people.

The Family Sharing feature now makes it easy to set up child accounts, set up accounts quickly, approve requests in messages, and create a family checklist. The new iCloud Shared Library feature allows users to have a separate library for media shared in iCloud. It will also be possible to add photos to the library via a toggle in the Camera app.


iOS 16 will be available for iPhone 8 and later this falland will likely launch alongside the iPhone 14 series, which is said to offer Always on Display for the first time on an iPhone.