Here is the quarterfinals schedule

TOP CHEF 2022. Louise, Pascal, Arnaud and Sébastien compete in the quarterfinals of Top Chef this week. Here are the challenges that await them.

[Mis à jour le 23 mai 2022 à 10h28] one week later The surprise removal of Mickaël, The four candidates, still in contention, will face each other in the quarterfinals. best chef season 13

On this occasion, Louise, Pascal, Sébastien and Arnaud will have to seduce prestigious chefs as well as the Michelin Guide inspectors. They will participate in the competition with the theme of plant-based cuisine by the three-star chef Mauro Colagreco, who is the head of Mirazur, which was first selected as the best restaurant in the world in 2019. In the second part of the evening, the candidates will be challenged. Former Top Chef winner, Stéphanie Le Quellec, is today the head of La Scène, her two-star restaurant in Paris. The chef will ask them to replicate one of their signature dishes. Who will win the semi-final ticket? See you on Wednesday at 21:10 at the M6 ​​to find out.

Who is the winner of Top Chef?

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Who was eliminated this week?

Mickaël eliminated from Top Chef In front of a Philippe Etchebest on Wednesday, May 18, he was very touched to see his candidate leave. “I’m falling from above. Besides being a great cook, you’re a great man. The kitchen is always in the image of the one who makes it and cooks it… You never cheated and I want you. That’s the reward for honesty. I’m sorry you’re gone.” Mickaël, on the other hand, likened his elimination to a “fight”. “I didn’t think I’d go this far and that’s thanks to you boss,” the candidate said.

  • 13. Week : Lilian’s Elimination
  • Week 12: Wilfried’s elimination
  • 11. Week: Thibaut’s elimination
  • Week 10 : The return of Thibaut and Lilian given a second chance. Elimination of Lucia.
  • 9. Week : Lilian’s abandonment and Wilfried’s return. Elimination of Thibaut.
  • Week 8: Wilfried’s elimination
  • Week 7: Victory for Mickaël, Wilfried and Arnaud during La Guerre des Restos, no candidate eliminated
  • Week 6: Ambrose’s elimination
  • Week 5: Elis’ elimination
  • Week 4: Logan elimination
  • Three weeks: Elimination of Tania
  • Week 2: Renaud’s elimination
  • 1 week: Elliott elimination

Summary of Top Chef season 13 episode 14

Louise won Jean Imbert’s vol-au-vent event at the Plaza Athénée, and Arnaud was the judge’s favorite at a tomato event. Mickaël was eliminated as a last chance.

Who won the Top Chef 2022 restaurant war?

The team of Mickaël, Arnaud and Wilfried won the Guerre des Restos with the Philo Saucisse concept. The trio also opened a temporary restaurant in Paris on April 20 until the end of June for Top Chef audiences to explore their menu.

What are the teams in Top Chef season 13?

This During the season, brigades evolved specifically between qualifiers and redeployment to balance teams. To see more clearly, the current composition of the brigades:

  • Philippe Etchebest Brigade: pascal
  • Hélène Darroze / Pascal Barboat Brigade: louis
  • Glenn Viel’s Brigade: Arnaud
  • Paul Pairet Brigade: Sebastian

Who are the season 13 contestants?

Among the 700 applications that reached production, 15 candidates, 3 of whom were Belgian, attracted their attention. This year, twelve men and three women will compete for the Top Chef 2022 title. Here are their portraits.

Who are the jury members?

We take the same ones and start over, almost… Paul Pairet, Hélène Darroze and Philippe Etchebest set the scene again for the thirteenth season of Top Chef. A newcomer is also on board: Glenn Viel, the youngest three-star French chef at L’Oustau de Baumanière in Baux-de-Provence.

What are the new trials in Season 13?

tests “The Black Box” or “Who can beat Philippe Etchebest and Paul Pairet?” such as legends. They are back at 13 this season. But Top Chef 2022 also marks the arrival of new events designed by the world’s greatest chefs. So, candidates must, for example, create a dish with a shocking image, imagine a “living” dessert, cook a fruit in an original way, or even treat chocolate in a delicious dish, for example, to defend a cause close to their heart. .

Not available on Wednesday evening? No problem, it is possible to watch Top Chef again on 6play and also on the Salto platform.