Honoring sports volunteers


Saint-Pourcain-sur-Sioule. Municipal sports challenge: volunteers in the spotlight. On the occasion of the municipal sports challenge 2021, the acts of the Terre de jeux 2024 label and new methods for allocating subsidies were presented.

This event honors the volunteers identified by the association members to which they belong. Thus, several people received gifts from the town hall to reward their dedication.

On the upside, the heads of the associations took note of each of their respective financial statements and the grants given by the municipality.

Regarding subsidies, new conditions will be introduced. The municipality wishes to implement a method that will make it possible to reward voluntary work and mutual assistance in unity. “This new subsidy calculation demonstrates once again the will of the municipal elected officials to support the local association fabric, without which no event would be possible,” explains sports assistant Thierry Michaud.

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This ceremony was also an opportunity to officially present the Terre de jeux 2024 label in the presence of an extraordinary guest named Paralympic triathlete Yannick Bourseaux. Games Country 2024 is the municipality’s three goals: heritage, celebration, devotion. Actions will be implemented: annual meeting between an athlete and the population; Celebrating the 23 June World Olympic Day, especially with schools and sports associations, at the Moutte stadium (football, tennis, athletics, etc.); Appointment of a reference to follow and share the good practices of Terre de Jeux 2024 and display of sport by sports associations on the day of the association forum.

The city established the sport at school from an early age with the recruitment of Larianne, who also traveled to surrounding municipalities that signed partnership agreements.

. Volunteers were rewarded.