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MANY people were shot at around 8:30 am on the Brooklyn subway on April 12, 2022.

A search continues for the man who opened fire at the 36th Street and Fourth Avenue subway station.

Masked hitman released in Brooklyn

What do the police say about the Brooklyn subway attack?

The attack occurred in the early hours of the morning, and at least 16 people were injured and taken to local hospitals, the FDNY’s chief spokesman said.

Victims affected by shrapnel, gunshot wounds and smoke are being treated, while police say they currently have non-life-threatening injuries.

A police spokesperson said at a press conference that “there are currently no known explosive devices on subway trains” and that they do not consider the shooting an “act of terrorism”.

The spokesperson said the shooting occurred on an N train bound for Manhattan. The man was in the car and “put on a gas mask, pulled a cartridge from his bag and a train filled with smoke, and set fire to the subway and platform”.

NYC on high alert as suspect in subway footage
Chase NYC subway shooter with 16 injured - but cops say it's NOT terrorism

Police identify the attacker as a black male 5 feet tall and overweight. He was wearing a green construction vest and a gray hoodie.

Police are seeking public assistance from anyone with information, video and photos to search for 800-577-TIPS.

What happened at the Brooklyn subway station?

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said at the press conference: “This morning, ordinary New Yorkers woke up to a relatively normal day, leaving their homes to go to school, to work… and that sense of peace was brutally disrupted. by a heartless individual.

“This person is dangerous,” he added, warning New Yorkers to be “vigilant and alert” and said there was “an active shooter situation in New York.”

The FDNY initially responded to a call reporting smoke at the station and found several firearm victims and unexploded ordnance upon arrival.

Former NYPD chief Terence Monahan said in a live interview with ABC 4 News that the NYPD and FDNY are working together to find the shooter and will “review every video in this city.”

“At this point I have a man in an orange construction vest and gas mask, he turned on some kind of gas device and started shooting. Some people jumped on a connecting train,” he said, saying that the NYPD and FDNY were trying to “check where he was going.”

Monahan said several “unexploded devices were recovered,” but they still don’t know how many were at the scene.

It’s an “extremely active investigation” at the moment and “seems pretty grim at this point,” Monahan said.

“This is something we’ve always feared in the NYPD,” he said. “Someone entered a crowded subway station with a gun and opened fire. »

NYPD and FDNY investigating shooting situation
NYPD and FDNY investigating shooting situationCredit: EPA

What did eyewitnesses say about the incident?

While on the subway, Yav Montano saw smoke enveloping his car and told CNN ‘I heard what I thought was fireworks exploding, but now I heard the fire go off and I’m grateful I hid behind one of the chairs. …Honestly, I have nothing to say for what I’ve been through. »

As another train entered the subway station, eyewitnesses said to an MTA agent, “Everyone on the platform, get on the train…now!” she said she shouted. »

Clair, a witness who just wanted to go by her first name, told the New York Post that she took the N train to Manhattan and ‘lost the count’ when so many shots were fired.

“There was a lot. I don’t even know how much,” he said.

“At first I thought he was an MTA employee because I was like, I didn’t like to pay too much attention. You know? You put the orange. »

District schools are closed and FDNY warns commuters to stay away from the area.

Rhiannon Ally volunteered through eighth grade at a nearby kindergarten and said in a live interview with ABC 7 News that they had been locked out since 9am.

He told the exit that they were in the shelter, meaning that no one could get in or out of the school, and the teachers were working to manage the situation by keeping the school day as normal as possible for the children.

“(Students) have no idea,” Ally said, adding, “This is all you can ask for as a parent, because you don’t want your children to be afraid.”

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