“I want to talk about those who produce wealth”

How should the CCI of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and the regional CCIs you represent play a role in the challenges in our region?

Philippe Renaudi : I would like regional CCI to talk more about major regional development issues. In other words, it represents a position at the regional level, which is the expression of our seven regional CCIs. This will include taking positions through events or publications such as our recommendations on the Regional Plan for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalization (SRDEII). We will also have something to say about the maritime and mountaineering subsidiaries shortly. Also Urssaf, Pôle emploi, Banque de France, employer movements etc. I would like us to be closer to regional institutions linked to the economy, such as Regional CCI should be a meeting and discussion place.

Where exactly are you in your regional Eco Club creation project?

we are discussing. I want the club to work for this fall. It would be interesting to find the Regional Directorate for Public Finance (DRFIP), the Regional Directorate for Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (Dreets), Banque de France, Urssaf, Pôle emploi, employers’ unions, Regional Directorate. course and other actors… Coordination cannot be entrusted to regional CCI. The aim is to combine our information, our statistics, to create a dashboard that is as complete as possible a quarterly barometer of economic activity. This tool is missing in order to better promote our region and work for its development. We hear a lot about unemployment, retirement in France… As the head of a regional CCI, I want to talk about the wealth generators, the employees. I want to highlight the economy of our regions.

How do you see the relationship between the regional CCI and the institutions, the regional council and especially the regional governorship?

I intend to carry a regional CCI model that is well integrated into its ecosystem. For this reason, we open our internal meetings and general assemblies among others. We welcomed Renaud Muselier, president of the district council, on February 24. We are working with the region and finalizing an agreement that will be the result of our respective commitments. We have a more “organic” relationship with our supervisory authority, the regional governor. During my conversations with the regional governor, Christophe Mirmand, I reaffirmed the State’s desire to trust CCIs. We have proven to be useful during the crisis. But I have no intention of stopping there. I informed the regional governor that I wished to organize a meeting with the relevant CCI every time they travel in our region. Let this be a time for a discussion around the economy. This seems necessary to me.

Withholding a portion of the tax for room expenses by the government forces CCIs to reconsider their economic models. Where are you ?

One explanation: The room charge tax, or TCCI, allocated to financing CCIs has fallen by 40% in recent years. But companies are always taxed the same way by the Government… So we had to adapt by pooling the support functions among the network’s CCIs. This policy was started by my predecessor, Roland Gomez. Our regional network of 988 employees today has adapted and reorganized to cope. This reduction in tax allocation for room expenses forced CCIs to switch to a paid service model to diversify their financial income.

Pays d’Arles CCI announced its new roadmap

How can TSOs support the reindustrialization movement in our region?

The urgency is to reproduce in France. The regional CCI did not wait for the war highlighting our deindustrialization in Ukraine to deliver this message. We support several proposals: simplifying administrative procedures, protecting projects from abused appeals, developing business land through industrial land rehabilitation or intensification actions, and accelerating the creation of “turnkey” industrial estates. These recommendations are contained in the report presented under the SRDEII.

The other important issue right now is the energy transition. How can you support?

I remind you that all the efforts of this transition are undertaken by communities and companies… We are also committed to supporting projects that can offer solutions. An example: We have formed a partnership with EDF to support the project to install offshore wind turbines. This is the Provence Grand Large project. The network of CCIs is also committed to the development of the hydrogen sector. I am considering the work led by Daniel Margot, my first president and head of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence CCI.

Regional CCI wants to create an “Eco Club” in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

In terms of the energy transition, reindustrialisation, money remains the vein of war. Will regional CCI be involved in the creation of a financial centre?

We will be one of the founding members of the “Regional Financial Center”. It seems to me very important that our region has such a vehicle and that we will be involved in its operation. By allowing the financing of large projects, it will be necessary to make it a tool in the service of economic development and attractiveness of our region. We support its President, Alain Lacroix. Second, he was chairman of regional CCI and a major regional bank. He heads the Région Sud Invest. It is a sign of strong ambition and determination to succeed in this challenge.