‘I’ll be in the second round,’ says Zemmour

19:05: According to Zemmour, the question of Corsica’s autonomy is a “political confusion”

“The question of Corsica’s autonomy is a political confusion. What happened ? A jihadist in a French prison wanted to stab his victim for eight minutes for swearing. So there is jihad in prison that candidate Emmanuel Macron could not stop. And that’s the main question because when a government that hasn’t responded to the demands of Corsican elected officials for four years wakes up to propose an autonomy charter three weeks before the presidential election. We are mocked! “It initiates its candidate.

“There is already a special status for Corsica: they have no joint status. There are already possibilities for change and autonomy for this or that subject, but on the other hand, I do not want an autonomy that is the gateway to independence. »

19:02: “I’ll be in the second round”, says Zemmour

When asked about the fact that it has sunk in polls overshadowed by Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour still believes he can reverse the trend: “This is not the first time that external circumstances have reduced my dynamics and I have left. And after the emotion and fear associated with the war in Ukraine, it is political and research once again. I can say that my dynamics will start again. I’m involved for a simple issue: saving France from the big substitution. And I’m thinking of reloading this because this issue is haunting the French. So I’m confident and I’m telling you, I’ll be in the second round.

18:31: Pécresse does not want Macron as minister

There is not even a folding chair… The President, Valérie Pécresse, would in no case have Emmanuel Macron in his government. “President, I would not take him as a minister. Is violence the Minister of Interior with a 32 percent increase? Minister of Immigration with 270,000 residence permits? Minister of Agriculture with the farm-to-fork program? Energy with the abandonment of nuclear energy? »

“I don’t have the courage to reform, I have it,” said the candidate LR during a trip to La Grande-Motte (Hérault).

18:01: A woman evacuated by Macron’s security service

Half an hour before Emmanuel Macron’s arrival, a woman filming with her phone from the lounge of the Palais Beaumont in Pau was strapped to a belt and ejected from the room by LREM security guards.

According to a spokesperson for the campaign team, “When wrong, she introduced herself as a journalist and began insulting attendees and guests.” This woman was forced to leave the building by protesting loudly and openly. She wanted to challenge Emmanuel Macron about childcare issues.

5:32 pm: “I could never fall in love with a teenager”, Hidalgo responds to controversy

in an interview with closerAnne Hidalgo, 62, talks about her relationship with her husband, 55, Jean-Marc Germain. The PS candidate specifically mentioned the age difference between them: “I don’t feel like a cougar! Unlike others, I could never fall in love with a teenager…”. In this process, some media outlets saw a struggle between 24 years separating Emmanuel Macron from his wife Brigitte.

“Neither in the question asked by Closer nor in my answer there was any connection to the beautiful story of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron,” Anne Hidalgo said on Twitter. “This is neither my morality nor my ethics. This slander of Here, which is scandalously transmitted to prevent social discussions from going against us, is shameful. »

17:13: Mélenchon once again placed third in a poll

Jean-Luc Mélenchon continues his momentum in the polls: according to the daily Ifop-Fiducial poll for LCI, Sud Radio and Paris Match, the rebel was rewarded with 13.5% (+1 point) of the vote in the first round. Thus, he is in third place behind Emmanuel Macron (29%) and Marine Le Pen (17.5%).

Eric Zemmour was steady with 13% ahead of Valérie Pécresse (11%). All other candidates are below 10% of their voting intent: Yannick Jadot 5%, Fabien Roussel 4.5%, Jean Lassalle 2.5%, Anne Hidalgo 2%, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 1.5%, Philippe Poutou 0.5% and Nathalie Arthaud at 0%.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is also in third place with 13% of the vote this Friday, according to Rolling OpinionWay – Kéa Partners for Les Echos. Likewise, in the daily Ipsos-Sopra Steria survey Parisian and Franceinfo, where it collected 12% of voting intentions.

4:46 pm: Macron presented his project as “a chore” according to Le Pen

Marine Le Pen presented Emmanuel Macron’s presidential project as a “technician” “freed from a chore”. The National Rally candidate has branded a president who has “managed the technicians, entrusted to the technicians” for five years.

16:25: Hollande says with Ukraine “all the programs have become completely obsolete”.

In an interview that will air this Sunday on Radio J, François Hollande predicts that with the war in Ukraine, “all the programs” of the candidates “go out of style”.

“We know very well that it will be much more difficult economically, we know that we will have much higher inflation, interest rates to return, and a considerable public debt,” adds the former President.

Eager to join the campaign, François Hollande cited Europe, alliance strategy within NATO, defense, energy independence and the transition in the face of the climate crisis as issues.

No one had imagined it would be in such a context when setting these election dates. But the issues raised are serious enough to elevate a presidential campaign.

Francois Hollande

3:30 pm: Macron advocates ‘less disruptive’ pension reform than in 2020

The new pension reform proposed by Emmanuel Macron – retirement at 65, abolition of special regimes – will be “less disturbing” than 2020, declared “of great concern” during a meeting with his presidential candidate readers in Pau. South West and some Republic of the Pyrenees.

The universal system changed the rules a lot, it was very worrying.

Emmanuel Macron

One difference will be that the reference period (last six months) for which the civil servants’ pension is calculated will not be changed, while the 2020 project plans to unify the rules with private sector employees (25 years at best), he explained.

15:07: Pécresse moves up to fifth place, rollerblading in his campaign

Valérie Pécresse is falling more and more in the polls, regularly taking fifth place. The LR candidate was heading to La Grande-Motte and Toulouse, where he held a meeting on Friday evening.

Fearing that her voters will be looted for the benefit of Emmanuel Macron, Valérie Pécresse denounces her ideas as bad copy-paste and wants to instill the idea of ​​being the only one who can beat the President in the runoff. . But his campaign is slipping strong, and rumors of Nicolas Sarkozy’s support for Emmanuel Macron are resurfacing, with the risk that the outgoing president will appear as the “useful vote” on the right.

15:01: Eric Zemmour is the guest of our “Face to the Voters” event at 7:00 pm.

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