Is Kawhi Leonard returning this season? does not lead

Will we see Kawhi Leonard playing basketball this season? That’s the big question hanging over Los Angeles, which somewhat outweighs the Clippers’ chances this year. But the further we go, the slimmer our chances of seeing Klaw appear in the post-2022 season seem to be.

A few days ago, Kawhi was spotted playing with his big orange ball on the Clippers’ practice court. We’ve seen this on various pre-match shootings as well, which caused little hype about a possible comeback at the end of the season. Other than that, if we’re to believe the latest news out of Los Angeles, it doesn’t really hit the road. So we can assure you right away that Leonard’s rehab is continuing as normal, he’s been working hard on an individual level and Clips hasn’t closed the door to a comeback this year. But according to coach Tyronn Lue, The LA superstar has yet to move beyond individual workouts. No 3 vs 3, even less than 5 vs 5, as much as saying his comeback isn’t until tomorrow. That’s why Kawhi still has a few steps to confirm and possibly a few weeks of rehab ahead of him before pulling back the floor with the Clippers team. If you’re a fan of the California franchise, don’t get too excited because you’re likely to be disappointed. When we see Leonard in the next official NBA game, possibly at the Clips’ first regular season meeting in October 2022, Kawhi will be in blade mode in his teeth. Frenchie Nicolas Batum himself said yesterday when he announced his retirement from the upcoming EuroBasket, that the Clippers are looking forward to a big season next year. It means what it means.

Meanwhile, Tyronn Lue’s men will try to break the party during the season-ending season that awaits us, and that’s good, they have a great profile. For the first game of the play-in tournament in the West against a certain Pat Beverley’s Wolves, the Clips have their first opportunity to validate their tickets for the Playoffs. If they won, they would make a date with the Grizzlies for the first round. Should they lose, they would have had a second chance for the winner to qualify for a home game against New Orleans or San Antonio, with a series giveaway against the Phoenix Suns. We’ll see how the Paul George gang will manage their upcoming deadlines, but one thing is for sure, Los Angeles is one of those teams that can be tough to play. during the first PO return. A team that defends hard, plays together, never looks for excuses and gives the maximum every night no matter the circumstances. Ty Lue has done a particularly remarkable job this year (yes, we say that!), leading LA to an unbiased record (40 wins, 40 losses) despite Kawhi’s absence and Paul George’s 50 missed games. Many teams would throw in the towel, but not the Clippers. And today, PG, Reggie Jackson, Norman Powell and Co. Together with them, they will come to the play-in tournament in a healthy way. With the exception of Leonard, the infirmary has been virtually empty since Luke Kennard and therefore Powell left him.

With so many players on the wing, their mentality, their talent in the group, the Clippers can really itch. And even though Kawhi Leonard probably won’t be playing this season, it will be very interesting to see how these Clips will fare during the play-ins and even in the Playoffs. We’re not saying they’re going to get the same route as last year, but somehow they’re causing problems for some.

Text source: The Athletic, Los Angeles Times