Is Metaverse the New Destination of Weddings? | Latest India News

Physical weddings are outdated. Welcome to Metaverse! Covid-19 has changed the way we live so much that even weddings have been redesigned. With Zoom weddings taking the world by storm in 2021, live streaming has become the norm for many in-person ceremonies. Taking it one notch higher is a Metaverse marriage. For example, a Tamil Nadu-based couple, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, recently made waves by hosting the Metaverse reception. Another couple are Bhopal-based Abhijeet Goel and Dr. Sansrati Jain also recently got married on the platform.

What Are Metaverse Weddings?

Metaverse weddings involve a virtual venue designed by a virtual venue designer. Couples can invite guests they can’t host live to celebrate their wedding in the cloud. Bride and groom avatars are customizable and even wedding dresses can be made to look like real people on their special occasion. Avatars can dance too.

pocket pinch

The cost of a wedding on the Metaverse can go up to 30,000 5,000,000. These digital weddings take about an hour, and the design and development cost depends on the digital venue, decor, theme, guest engagement, and avatar outfits that can be customized to preference.

Metaverse weddings include a virtual venue designed by a virtual space designer
Metaverse weddings include a virtual venue designed by a virtual space designer

Planning and Execution

Planning the Tamil Nadu wedding, Chennai-based start-up TardiVerse, led by Vignesh Selvaraj, took 30 days and 12 team members to execute. Selvaraj said, “We started planning this wedding in January and finished it in a month with the design and development. The decor and layout depended on the couple’s preferences. This couple loved Harry Potter, so we continued with the theme. We sat down to decide the timing of the feature, textures, and avatars. We haven’t met any wedding planners as it would interrupt our creativity. For an Indian twist, we dressed the groom’s and bride’s avatars in traditional attire at Hogwarts Castle. Wedding cost approx. 5,000,000.”

Utkarsh Shukla, creator of Yug Metaverse, who designed the Bhopal wedding, said, “Almost people of all ages attended the celebrations. Guests can talk to each other and even dance among themselves. Shukla plans to design templates that will help users customize it according to their preferences and established brands of fashion, jewelry, etc. seamlessly. to make it an experience.

These digital weddings take about an hour
These digital weddings take about an hour

Trendsetters are talking

Abhijeet Goel, 33, said: “Due to Covid standards, many guests were unable to go to Bhopal for the wedding. So with the Metaverse, they can attend too. To fulfill our dream of a destination wedding, we had a beach setting for the virtual ceremony. A dance floor, seats, and a place where guests meet and get engaged. There was a stage. Some old family members even joined us. It was a sweet and new experience for the guests.

what the future holds

Anam Zubair, Deputy Director of Marketing for WeddingWire India, said: “The trend is still at a very new stage, but Millennials and Gen Z who have invested heavily in NFTs may be early adopters. We believe this will shape how the next generation plans weddings.

However, some are not so enthusiastic. “Weddings have always been about getting people together. “Some things are best experienced face-to-face,” says Marriage Curator Amarjyot Singh.