Is The Batman the best movie of the week? – Cinema news

To help you make your choices, here are 3 movies of the week rated best by the press and viewers on AlloCiné!*


1st draw: Batman – 3.9/5

“In a landscape where the ambitions of the superhero genre are often shaken, Matt Reeves takes on the Batman icon in a radical and majestic move.” Aurélien Allin (Motion Picture)

Tense, raw, surrounded by contradictions, Robert Pattinson is a Batman in his complete analytical deconstruction, whose drama consists of wanting to bring to others what no one wants and cannot have from him. By Jean-marc Lalanne (Les Inrockuptibles)

1st tie: Fuck it – 3.9/5

“Named by a malicious name, this delightful debut feature is like no other: an exploration of an alternative to established cinema and a sensible portrait of the youth of its time. Brilliant with Adèle Exarchopoulos.” by Olivier Pélisson (Band split)

“Emmanuel Marre and Julie Lecousre follow in the footsteps of Adèle Exarchopoulos and don’t let her go: the actress produces this very simple social film combined with a beautiful generational portrait.” by Nathalie Chifflet (Latest News from Alsace)

#3: Solid – 3.7/5

“The texture of the photograph accentuates the beauty of the image. The director’s close-ups of the bodies of his characters add real sensuality to the film. Constance Meyer’s eye elevates these graceful beings in the grip of pain.” Nina Merle (Humanity)

“Constance Meyer stages the encounter of a young security guard and a disillusioned elderly actor. A golden role for Gérard Depardieu, who revels in his image in this startling set.” by Olivier De Bruyn (Les Echos)


1.: Batman – 4.3/5

“In a city of chaos and crime, with an awareness, a soundtrack, and an artistic direction to make us lose our minds, Batman is an epic as dark as possible. Robert Pattinson’s performance should be hailed in the same title as any of the other actors.” Joris T.

“Simply amazing. It’s a different but fun Batman to explore, beautiful scenes, a well-crafted plot, a near-perfect soundtrack. The movie creates a dark atmosphere that leaves us wondering until the very end.” by josh593

2nd: Belfast – 3.5/5

“Kenneth Branagh puts a lot of self and sensibility in tribute to this wonderful childhood and family that is both personal and very accessible to the public. He is visually stunning and the actors all deliver flawless interpretations, nuanced and precise.” by CINETIM

“By far the best movie I’ve seen in 2021. The performances of Caitríona Balfe and Jude Hill deserve all the credit they’ve had since the movie’s release.” Posted by Camille Can

3: Fuck it – 3.2/5

“A beautiful moment of tenderness, humanity and simplicity! Adèle Exarchopoulos is impressive. The lights and shots are perfect.” by Sydney

“It’s interesting to discover this first feature film made by these two directors. They deal with relevance to the reality of the inhumane working conditions of flight attendants on low-cost airlines, where everything is not so rosy. Adèle Exarchopoulos, who embodies one of them, is excellent and very believable in her role.” by Coric Bernard

* For films that hit theaters on Wednesday, March 2, on Friday, March 4, 2022, with at least 10 reviews in the top press and 50 ratings for top audience, according to ratings by the AlloCiné barometer. These two lists do not include films that have been released one or more times in France.