“It is Europe that saves us from crises and war”

20:10 Emmanuel Macron comes to the topic of his meeting in the Alsace capital: Europe. “The project of the far right is to leave the Council of Europe, hence the European Union, of which it is the founding base. Europe is a framework of peace and stability, it is our most secure asset for today and tomorrow. Europe is what protects us from crises and war. »

The presidential candidate recalls Europe’s role in the production and distribution of vaccines during the pandemic.

Yes, Strasbourg, Alsatian city, French city, European city, city of my heart, one of the capitals of Europe!

8pm “Yes Strasbourg, Alsatian city, French city, European city, one of the capitals of Europe” immediately launched Emmanuel Macron. “Strasbourg is the city of my heart, which I have been to ten times in recent years. »

At the foot of the cathedral, the presidential candidate continues ” [redisant] Allegiance to the Alsace-Moselle Concordat. The stage is set in the heart of the crowd, in the middle of the square.

Evacuation of opponents continues. According to our journalists on the ground, 20 people were exiled.

8pm Emmanuel Macron was greeted on the platform by Roland Ries, the former mayor of Strasbourg: “Dear Presidential candidate, dear Emmanuel Macron, I am very happy that you have chosen Strasbourg to talk about Europe. “The very relaxed and friendly candidate begins his speech with a thunderous voice: “Thanks guys! He wants exchanges to be calm and fraternal, not shouting and insulting.

19:50 The presidential candidate arrives at the Place du Château with the Alsatian minister, Brigitte Klinkert. “And one, two, and five more years!” “, cite your supporters.

The opponents were evacuated via rue Mercière.

19:15 Our reporters on the ground note the presence of crowds of anti-Macron activists. We hear lazzi, whistling, booing, “Anti anti anti anti pass sanitary” sounds. The meeting looks like it will be a bit hectic. “Macron president” responds to “Macron in jail”.

Strasbourg mayor Jeanne Barseghian did not want to “open the meeting” of the presidential candidate

18:45 The presidential candidate must be greeted on the platform by Roland Ries, the former mayor of Strasbourg. The campaign team had initially offered the Strasbourg mayor to take responsibility for this, but Jeanne Barseghian confirmed that she had declined the invitation.

I said yes on the condition that I could express myself, say what I think, that it would not be worth sticking to his project even if I took on my responsibilities by calling for a vote for Emmanuel Macron. But basically they asked me to open their meeting, so I said no.

Jeanne Barseghian, Mayor of Strasbourg

Also there are François Loos, the former Alsatian minister (headed by Chirac) and MEPs (especially female MPs).

Our journalists on the ground describe an “incredible” crowd around the cathedral. With the consecration of the holy oils, the Mass of Chrism began at 6 pm in the cathedral and should end at 7:30 pm. The south exit on the side of La Poste, occupied by the people who came to attend the public meeting of Emmanuel Macron, no one knows yet where the believers will come from.

18:20 People begin to enter the Place du Château.

6 pm The central Alsatian stage of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign day in Haut and Bas-Rhin comes to an end. Emmanuel Macron left Châtenois at 18:10. In Strasbourg, the crowd begins to gather in the cathedral square. Access to the Place du Château is still closed. More generally, traffic in the cathedral sector draws attention to our journalists due to the presence of barriers and bag checks. The security system is important. In the crowd you can see the European and Ukrainian flags, as well as the “Frexit” flags.

Emmanuel Macron is expected to be in Strasbourg around 18:30. On the Place du Château, at the foot of the cathedral, on a small stage with 2,000 people standing, the presidential candidate will deliver a little over an hour speech “about the importance of Europe in France, France’s place in Europe and France’s place”. The risk that the election of Marine Le Pen will represent for Europe and France”.