Ivory international Sylvain Gbohouo suspended for doping, feels very lonely


Ivory Coast goalkeeper Sylvain Gbohouo, who won African champions in 2015, was suspended by FIFA last December after testing positive for trimetazidine. He was prescribed Vastarel to treat poor circulation in his right eye. According to French sports doctor Jean-Pierre de Mondenard, trimetazidine would certainly not be a doping product. This is discussed by Doctor Olivier Rabin, scientific director of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). With no hope anymore, Sylvain Gbohouo risks being suspended for four years.

I trusted selection doctors who obviously didn’t do their job. They should have checked what they wrote to me at the hospital. (an ophthalmologist asked him to take the editor’s note Vastarel). They had to know if he was okay in a doping control situation. ‘, tells us bitterly about Sylvain Gbohouo.

This case has been going on for 5 months. »

Sylvain GbohouoThe 33-year-old had an eye exam in March 2021 and his ophthalmologist diagnosed poor circulation in his right eye. ” There were no symptoms for me. This case has been going on for 5 months and I am still waiting for the final decision. No other news from the federation. Since there are elections, I hope the new president (Idriss Diallo was elected President of the Ivory Football Federation (FIF) on Saturday, April 23, Editor’s note) will try to understand what’s going on and help me get out of this situation he said calmly.

Like selection, Ethiopian club Volkite City FC also remained silent. Unable to compete in the last CAN in Cameroon, Sylvain Gbohouo feels lonely and abandoned. Some of his teammates in the selection still heard from him. The CAN qualification bonus was never paid to him. Today he hopes that FIFA members will have listened to the April 27 version and will think that he is not guilty of this positive test. ” I know that I am responsible for the drugs I use according to the regulations. My goal today is to return to the football fields as soon as possible. “, she hopes.

Doping product: WADA’s list cannot be contested

The World Anti-Doping Code says that a substance can be classified as doping based on three criteria: performance enhancement or potential for performance enhancement, potential health risk, and violation of the mind of the sport. For a substance to be classified as an additive, at least two of the three criteria must be met.Olivier Rabin explains in the preface. The World Anti-Doping Code also says that once a substance is on the list, it cannot be appealed. Athletes and their environment should be aware that trimetazidine is a prohibited molecule as it is on the WADA list. We make rules and distribute them widely to sports federations, national anti-doping agencies, and governments. The list is made public by 1 October each year, with effect on 1 January of the following year. »

A Russian study published in January 2020Asian Journal of Sports Medicine fallen ” lack of evidence To support WADA’s ban on trimetazidine such as meldonium, xenon or cobalt. ” Expert opinion can be subjective or biased and therefore of low evidence value “, guessing the authors, the AMA” publish data “needs to be strengthened” trust of the sports community “.

As a reminder, Ivory Coast faced Cameroon in Douala on 16 November 2021 as part of the final day of their next World Cup qualification. In the draw, he appointed Sylvain Gbohouo to take part in the doping test. Traces of trimetazidine were detected in the urine of the ivory porter. At the beginning of January, the Ivory Football Federation confirmed the suspension of the goalkeeper, African champion in 2015After the 2014 World Cup, Boubacar replaced Barry Copa as the titled goalkeeper.

A failure in FIF communication

On Monday, December 27, I became aware of the result: There were traces of molecules in his urine. We gave the prescription, the doctors of the federation contacted the doctor who proved the prescription. The actress has not taken any medication since March 2021. “, former coach Patrice Beaumelle commented.

The FIFA email reached the federation on 22 December and Sylvain Gbohouo was informed on 28 December. Why such a delay in communication? Sample B could have been analyzed, but the federation did not notify him within 48 hours to request a second opinion. Big regret for Sylvain Gbohouo.

Sylvain Gbohouo said he stopped treatment in April 2021 after following him for a month and a half. He felt” shaking hands » and I felt it coming « heart problem “The pharmacist and toxicologist Pascal Kintz has mentioned.” “many parkinsonian-type side effects that do not appear to be favorable for use in athletes” “, underlined in the review Analytical and Clinical Toxicologyeven to talk about the risks” gait disturbances », « falling risk ” and ” hallucinations “Unimaginable for a professional goalkeeper.

Trimetazidine does not make a snail move faster »

For Jean-Pierre de Mondenard, a sports doctor and leading doping expert interviewed by the RFI, Vastarel is a drug used to prevent angina pectoris, but also a drug used for cases of dizziness or decreased visual acuity, not a doping product: “ trimetazidine does not make a snail move faster “Olivier Rabin states that trimetazidine can improve cardiac metabolism during exercise.” This is why this substance is prohibited in athletes. Also, this isn’t a Valda pellet. It is currently a medicine prescribed for angina pectoris. not unusual “, he argues.

For Jean-Pierre de Mondenard, no trace of this molecule can be found in the body for more than a week. “ I prefer to participate. This substance has a relatively short life in the body. But I don’t judge the quoted case I don’t know », answers Olivier Rabin.

This story recalls the story of French wrestler Zelimkhan Khadjiev, who tested positive for the same molecule in 2019 and was suspended for four years. Jean-Pierre de Mondenard states that the pharmacist, who sells this drug to Khadjiev without a prescription and is prohibited (in France, the drug can only be prescribed by a cardiologist, editor’s note), should not constitute a positive control. Since then, according to Jean-Pierre de Mondenard, the warning has not alerted athletes in case of doping control, it has been a requirement since 1989, following the directive of the French Ministry of Health. “ You should ask the authorities, we have no control over the notifications. It’s up to the pharmaceutical lab to know the current regulations. Again, the drug is on the list of doping products and should be known to everyone. ‘, insists Olivier Rabin.

In these stories, the athlete gets suspended for four years when no one else is worried. This is not normal. Especially for a product that is completely ineffective in terms of doping “Protests Jean-Pierre de Mondenard.” Doctors were accused of giving banned substances. It’s not always just athletes who are approved. “, argues for Olivier Rabin. Today, Sylvain Gbohouo may never wear goalkeeper gloves again.