Jeff Bridges cured cancer: What is lymphoma?

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    Great news for the American actor and singer! After two long years of battle against lymphoma, the star is now in remission.

    A new beginning for the ‘Line of Fire’ star. The actress, who suffered from lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, has now recovered.

    The actor has always “hoped to get out of this”

    A relief for this star. After a long battle with his cancer – more than two years – the actor announced in the columns closer will eventually “get well”.

    I feel amazing‘ he told the magazine.

    It was an extremely complex experience, but I never gave up. I always hoped to get rid of it. And I am particularly grateful for all the love I have been able to receive from the public since my diagnosis.‘ he told me.

    His illness could also allow him to take a step back from his life.

    During such activities, you feel as if you are constantly being tested. Your entire philosophy and spirituality are being questioned. But the ordeal has matured me (…) Getting sick has made me more aware of the value of life and a clearer, smarter vision of what constitutes our existence.Adds the 72-year-old star.

    When he shared the bad news on social media in October 2020, Jeff Bridges said to himself, “I’m lucky to have such good doctors“By his side. Despite being close to death, the actor hadn’t stopped telling his fans during these two years.

    This fight, she says, tells her that she values ​​life more, no matter how “short and beautiful.”

    What is lymphoma?

    In France, lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in adults, the 3rd most common cancer in children under 14 years of age, and the cancer most commonly diagnosed in adolescents aged 15-17 years.

    About half of blood cancers, about 80% are non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and 20% are lymphomas with Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and lymphatic system cancer.

    • In Hodgkin lymphoma, the lymph nodes are abnormally swollen, firm without showing pain or inflammation. To establish the diagnosis, examinations are necessary: ​​blood tests, medical imaging examinations, and one or more lymph node biopsies, which will make it possible to diagnose lymphoma and evaluate its spread.
    • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is not one and the same disease. They constitute a series of diseases whose main common points are cancers of the immune system. Each type is distinguished by morphological, immunological, genetic features, clinical features and evolution.

    This cancer of the immune system develops when an error occurs in the production of lymphocytes, leading to the production of abnormal cells.It details the National Cancer Institute.

    The latter can multiply in two ways: by dividing faster and/or by living longer than normal lymphocytes. Organs are the first “victims” of this cancer: “lymph nodes, liver, spleen, and more rarely other organs increase in size”Indicates the Curie Institute.

    Diagnosis consists in analysis of biopsy of diseased lymph nodes. Imaging exams (scanners and pet scanners) are then performed to assess the extent of the disease in the body.

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    Cancers that can be treated

    Taken over time, lymphomas are treatable. The cure rate for Hodgkin lymphoma is over 80% thanks to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy-based treatments.

    If caught in time, lymphomas can be cured. For Hodgkin lymphoma, the cure rate is over 80% with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments. Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are treated with either chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or biological therapy, or a combination of all these treatments.

    After the disease has been overcome, regular medical consultations provide long-term follow-up.