Joe Biden announces new $800 million in military aid for Kyiv; “excessive” support, judge Volodymyr Zelensky
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  • Clashes intensified in eastern and southern Ukraine on Wednesday. The last Ukrainian fighters Mariupol, Call to the international community in Donbass “security guarantees”When Russian forces planned to capture the entire besieged city, where soldiers and civilians were blocked. “We are ready to leave Mariupol with the help of a third party”armed with weapons, “To save the people entrusted to us”On Thursday morning, the deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Sviatoslav Palamar said.
  • governor Luhansk He said Russian forces now control 80% of the area, one of the two areas that make up the Donbass in eastern Ukraine. Serhi Haidai said that after taking Kreminna, the Russians are now threatening the towns of Rubizhne and Popasna and urging all residents to evacuate immediately.
  • “We will do everything we can to support you and help Ukraine win the war”The President of the European Council said in a statement in Kiev: Charles Michel, came to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky. In particular, he promised that the sanctions would soon target Russian oil and gas exports.
  • “I can confirm that the West’s attitude is warmer today”hailed, on BFM-TV on Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky About financial aid to Ukraine “We are waiting for the delivery of weapons, we have tentative dates, we have guarantees”said the President of Ukraine.
  • Moscow said on Wednesday it had succeeded in its first sighting shot. Sarmatian, its intercontinental missile. The Pentagon reacted by assuring that the shooting was a test. “routine” and did not constitute “not a threat” For the United States or its allies.
  • Number evacuation corridor It has not been implemented since Saturday, as there is no agreement with the Russians in Ukraine.
  • The Russian invasion was pushed towards the neighboring countries of Ukraine, starting from Poland. more than five million UkrainiansA record since WWII.
  • A Ukrainian official said on Wednesday, International Committee of the Red Cross Not cooperating with his country on the fate of Ukrainian refugees, ” crime partner “ related to “deportation” To Russia, the charges were vehemently denied by the ICRC.

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