Jury deliberations continue on Wednesday

After participating in six weeks of explosive deposition, the jurors, called to give their views at the conclusion of the defamation trial between the actors and her ex-husband Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, continue their deliberations this Wednesday.

The decision is near. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will soon learn of the jury’s verdict on their mutual defamation attack, six weeks after their ultra-public hearings begin.

After meeting for two hours last Friday and taking advantage of a break this weekend and this Monday (a public holiday in the United States), the seven-member jury must continue deliberations this Tuesday to determine whether to choose either one. party has defamed the other, and if so, whether either party is entitled to compensation.

In their closing remarks on Friday, Johnny Depp’s lawyers urged jurors to “give his life back” after claiming he was “devastated” by domestic violence allegations made by Amber Heard. Johnny Depp hopes the trial will help him restore his reputation, even as the televised event has turned into a depressing spectacle and the ever more miserable revelations of his heart reveal a dysfunctional marriage to say the least. “There’s an assailant in this courtroom, but it’s not Mr. Depp,” said Maître Vasquez, attorney for the Pirates of the Caribbean star. The latter accused Amber Heard of manipulating photos of her injuries, claiming that this was proof that all allegations of harassment were unfounded.

“You either believe everything or you believe nothing,” he told the jurors. Either she is the victim of a terrible and outrageous abuse, or she is a woman who is ready to say absolutely anything, ”she said.

the decision will have strong symbolism

As a result, the actress’s lawyers meanwhile said a verdict in Johnny Depp’s favor would make jurors “accomplice” in his harassment and “global humiliation campaign” promised to his ex-wife.

The Aquaman actress’ lawyer, Master Rottenborn, said criticism of Amber Heard’s evidence of abuse ignored the overwhelming evidence presented in court and sent a dangerous message to victims of abuse, domestic violence.

“If you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t,” said the second, deliberately, provocatively to leap into the counter-argument. “If you took pictures, they are fake. If you haven’t told your friends, you’re lying. If you’ve told your friends, they’re part of the scam.”

Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit should have failed if she was the victim of one of the abuses she reported. According to the records, during the trial, Amber Heard witnessed more than a dozen cases of physical and sexual assault.

“This case is much more than the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it’s about free speech. Defend it, protect it,” he told the jurors. The actress’ lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, said the jury had the option to offer compensation for the harassment she reported to Amber Heard, which continued after the couple broke up through a smear campaign. “We want you to finally hold this man to account,” Master Bredehoft told the jury. “He never accepted responsibility for anything in his life.”

one question obscures the other: was there slander and was there abuse?

According to the records, Amber Heard is being sued by Johnny Depp, who demanded $50 million from her for implying that she molested her in a 2018 Washington Post editorial, although she did not name her. “a public figure representing domestic violence”.

Johnny Depp says these allegations had a huge impact on his career. Amber Heard counterattacked $100 million, defended free speech, and claimed her ex-husband slandered her when her lawyer said the assault and rape charges she brought against Johnny Depp were a “hoax.” This led to a huge wave of hatred towards him, which turned his daily life into a nightmare and lost many contracts.

In deliberation, the jury will need to focus not only on whether Amber Heard’s Washington Post article can be legally considered defamatory, but also on whether it has been misused. But that issue was already covered in Johnny Depp’s 2020 suit against Sun in the UK, when he sued for libel over an article calling him “wife beating”. According to the records, Johnny Depp lost the case after the court ruled that the majority of Heard’s allegations of misconduct were “substantially true.”