Karaman: Here are the projects included in the municipality’s 2022 budget

Jean-Clément Cassan, Caraman's mayor, with Marie-Gabrielle Daymier, his deputy finance officer.
Caraman Mayor Jean-Clément Cassan with his deputy finance officer Marie-Gabrielle Daymier during the presentation of the 2022 budget. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of Southern Lauragais)

City council on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 Karaman gathered to vote on various negotiations, including budget municipality for the current year. This unanimously adopted by the elected representatives present.

The Assembly was able to attend a meeting before examining the various items of this budget. inventory of accounting status Karaman Municipality for the period 2017-2021

A satisfactory self-financing capacity

Provided by this presentation Sabrina Blanchardaccountant a note “very healthy financial situation” before focusing specifically on the community’s capacity to finance new projects:

“The gross self-financing capacity of the municipality has fluctuated between €200,000 and €300,000 since 2017. This is satisfactory. It was stable between 2017 and 2019 and is slightly stronger now as it reached €310,000 in 2021. €137,000 repaid during the year was met , the remaining €172,000 net self-financing remains, which makes it possible to finance investment operations. […] The debt reduction capacity is three years.

“Sometimes I hear we’re cautious in Caraman…”

At the end of this presentation and as an introduction to the review of the 2022 budget, the Mayor of Karaman, Jean-Clement CassanHe justified the strategy and choices made by his team over the past five years.

“We are trying to reduce the municipality’s debt so we can finance the school rehabilitation project. Sometimes I hear it said in Caraman that we are cautious… We are not cautious, we run the municipality as we do here. And all this is flat taxation. If you look at the tax rates in Terres du Lauragais, we are below most municipalities. And I remind you that the community of municipalities has decided to increase their rates not just a little bit!”

Jean-Clement CassanMayor of Karaman

The mayor also reminded that many operations already registered in 2021 should be moved to fiscal year 2022. lagging behind in terms of financingespecially at the regional level. We are still waiting for some grant awards”highlighted by reasoning.

Here are the investments included in the budget

In the investment column of this new budget, we clearly see: school rehabilitation project (1.6 million euros), renovation of two Orme blanc tennis courts (46,000 €) or evenUrbanization of the Alsace-Lorraine course (24.500 €).

An envelope of approximately 40,000 Euros is also planned to cover the various works planned within the framework of the project. church renovation (restoration of stained glass windows, bell control center and studies). An amount of approximately €19,000 was also recorded. Working on two cemeteries, including the expansion of the columbarium.

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Among the new lists, we note the completion of the work. municipal camp site (30.000 €) and in technical service buildings rue Carnot (€20,000). Also planned: framework rebootkindergarten (20.000 €) but also creation of soft paths (10.000 €). Finally, there are working conditions on the roads (€20.000) and the rainwater network (€30.000).

Finally, it should be noted that an amount of 60,000 € is planned for three persons. land acquisition and we found a total of € 40,000 corresponding to expenses related towork carried out as part of the “city center” plan.

What were the swaps?

Deputy Mayor for Finance, Marie Gabrielle Daymier He reminded that the decisions should be taken at the commission meeting before the preparation of this budget.

Thus, it was planned to establish a budget of 40,000 euros. The soft road between the gendarmerie and the lake will be postponed to 2023just as changing the curtains of the cultural center stage (13.000 €) ora purchase crusher for technical services (7,500 €). amount allocated Improvements to Riquet and du Castelat (€15,000) halved andlightings for year-end celebrations (3,000 €).

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