La Ciotat: Music conservatory to move to city center

The buildings of Villa des Pins were very cramped. The Zino Franceschatti municipal conservatory of music and drama in La Ciotat, which occupies this building for 40 years by industrialist Louis Benet in 1840, will relocate to the former theater of Saint-Jacques at the beginning of the 2022 school year. ” In this place, which was a chapel in XVIII.and a theater in the 19th centuryandA cinema and finally an exhibition space that the municipality wanted to be established on the initiative of the late mayor Patrick Boré. “La Ciotat’s deputy mayor for culture, festivals and events explains Nathalie Lainé.

Since the late 1970s, the conservatory has continued to flourish, and about twenty disciplines are now taught through group and individual lessons to between 400 and 500 students. Directed by Jean-Eric Thirault, this transfer to the heart of the city will meet the needs of people with reduced mobility in terms of accessibility, safety, comfort and compliance with acoustic standards, while ensuring that it is more open to users. . Closely linked to the media library and close to the Pénitents bleus and the Eden-Théâtre church, this facility should also foster synergy with its neighbors to create a cultural centre.

A brand new auditorium

The municipality entrusted the project to Var Aménagement Développement as the authorized contracting authority. Construction started in August 2019. Four months after the initial quarantine, we faced several challenges that interrupted us or forced us to slow down with shortages of steel and wood or an increase in paint pigments. “Works should be completed this summer, and the project will be handed in for the start of the school year in September. For the design, we recruited Régis Nochumson and Huit-et-demi and Marjorie Bolikian and Agence MB architectural firms for the design.

The building has been completely rehabilitated and the main façade has been restored and renovated by the Compagnons de Castellane, experienced in stone techniques. 1,000 m conservatory of the future2nd R+2 has a large ground floor and two floors with passageways to house 17 classrooms and administrative buildings. A 90-seat auditorium was built for concerts. ” We sought out Atelier Rouch, one of the best acousticians to have worked with boiler construction. [salle de spectacle de La Ciotat, NDLR] »explains the chosen one.

On the ground floor, entrance hall and 40 m2 resting area2nd each bathed in light from a central well and enlarged windows. A percussion room will benefit from the latest technologies in terms of soundproofing. ” Thanks to a €30,000 grant from the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, we purchased new high-quality musical instruments and in particular seven pianos. ‘, adds Nathalie Lainé.

The two columns supporting the balcony have been preserved with original beams and stones. The total cost of this operation is €4.2 million, including €3.1 million of works. In addition to City, which provided €2.28 million in funding, the Office of Bouches-du-Rhône (€1.6 million) and the Regional Office for Cultural Affairs (€250.000) contributed to this flagship project for La Ciotat.

A new mission for Villa des Pins

Since December 2021, Villa des Pins no longer only hosts music and drama classes. The conservatory has already become a training center for the municipal police. The city requested from the CNFPT (National Regional Public Service Center), which responded positively to such a project, to strengthen its workforce and make up for the lack of space available in the various training centers available. 13 police officers attend the first session until the end of May. After all, two or three training meetings can be held per year.