LA MINUTE SPORT sports news for Tuesday, November 30


Chemin Bas should play his 32nd match in the Coupé de France against Clermont at the Costières stadium (Photo by Anthony Maurin).

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Nîmes Olympiad

The Chemin des Amoureux training center? On October 26, in the same episode, we revealed Rani Assaf’s desire to build a new training center in Garons. While we’re still far from the first blow of the digging, the idea settled in the head of the Crocodiles, who met the municipality of Garonne two months ago. Second, he directed Rani Assaf to the land located north of the city. NO’s main shareholder is very interested in this non-flooded area and plans to set up accommodation for the club’s young players. Now he has to persuade the four interested owners to sell their land. If agreed, the next Nîmes training center will be located at Chemin des Amoureux in Garons, a few hundred meters from the Joseph-Zanon stadium. ” There is no news from Mr. Assaf, but we will be very happy to host Nîmes Olympique in our city.” Explains Garons mayor Alain Dalmas. Coming from Nîmes, this sector can be reached from Saint-Gilles (D 42) and Arles (D 6113) roads by rescuing the D 442. I’m going to the Bastide ” Sweetcorn ” i go to lovers “. A whole program.

Chemin Bass in Costieres? The incredible saga at the Coupe du France de la Jeunesse Sportif Chemin Bas d’Avignon will continue with the reception of Ligue 1 clubs Clermont Foot in the 32nd final on the weekend of 18 and 19 December. During this meeting it is very clear that the competition received the Petit Poucet Nîmes. At this level and facing such an opponent, the Jean-Bouin stadium is no longer sanctioned. Therefore, according to our information, the city of Nîmes contacted Rani Assaf, president of Nîmes Olympique, this Tuesday morning, to organize this event at the Costières stadium. The majority shareholder of NO has hinted that he is in favor of inviting the Nîmes amateur team to this venue. This is not a problem for Crocos, who will be traveling to Ligue 2 leader Toulouse at the same time.

Arnold Alphon-Layre, Bernard Blaquart, Patrick Champ and Daniel Delprat (photo by Norman Jardin)

Daniel Delprat awarded. The Gard Association of football trainers presented the Grand Hotel with its traditional Georges-Boulogne trophy last night. This award rewards a Gard trainer for all their work. This year, Daniel Delprat (son of the old crocodile Hubert) is honored. This former EPS (physical education and sport) professor was also an instructor at IFM (sports professions training institute). He also played as a senior for NO’s youth teams and Nîmes Gazélec. The evening was presented by Patrick Champ and Arnold Alphon-Layre, respectively president and treasurer of the Gard Football Educators Association. Henri Émile (former manager of the France team) was to be the guest of honor, but had to lose due to suffering from lumbago. Bernard Blaquart soon replaced him. The former coach of Nîmes Olympique showcased his career as a coach for the first time: “My job is the director of the training center and not the coach of a professional team. » Carrying Nîmes to Ligue 1 in 2018, the name also reminded the importance he attaches to training centers: Except for Nîmes, there is a reason why all clubs exist. » AEFG awarded Bernard Blaquart with an honorary award. This meeting was also an opportunity to commemorate Henri Noël, who passed away on 17 October 2020 through a video and a minute’s silence, and Guillaume Dathueyt, the LFP’s former NO spokesperson and delegate, who died in November. 2020.


Oussama El Bakkal, who scored against MHSC in the Coupe de France last season, has left the OAC. (Photo by F. Foures/OAC)

OAC is looking for a striker. As we announced this Sunday (read here), Oussama El Grocery abruptly left OAC less than a year after arriving in Cévennes to join his old club, Ecole Municipale angloise de Football (R2). Although the Cévennes club has yet to make a statement on this matter, the still very optimistic Alesian general manager Philippe Mallaroni refuses to see it as a coup. “Last year was a good draw. We were very happy to host Oussama, but I have no doubt for a moment that we can find someone different but equally productive and fits our project perfectly.”He commends the player who scored 12 goals in 15 games with OAC in half a word. Moreover, the Corsican does not hide his astonishment: “You can be a National 3 club with the ambition to get to the National 2 and have players who are first in their group and prefer to play in R2. Surprisingly, that’s the life of football, after all. » Has “sporting reasons”will also be collected “Personal motivations linked to the family aspect” to explain the striker’s hasty departure. But Cévennes fans should not worry. because “One thing is for sure, we’re going to get someone to back Arnold Abelinti to pursue such a high ambition.”, promises Philippe Mallaroni. And to add: “From evil can come good. The world is not insoluble! »


Benjamin Gallego also lost tonight (Photo by Anthony Maurin)

Six missing. Tonight at 18:45 in Parnassus USAM will face Hungarian club Tatabania as part of the 5th day of the EHF Europa League. Faced with the red beacon of this group D, third with just one win per hour, Nîmes looks to win to stay in touch with Sporting in their quest for first place. In a streak of three unsuccessful games, Gardois was deprived of six players, three of whom were at left-back. While we wait for a possible medical joker at the end of the week, we’ll have to manage for at least six weeks, Minel, Hesham, Acquevillo, for at least six weeks without being a victim of partial dissection. Tesio and R. salou. No Gallego either because he injured his knee after actually playing one leg in the derby on Saturday. Franck Maurice has no choice but to call the young Derisbourg, Tolleron, Vincent, Joblon and Esparon to complete his roster.

Selected group: Desbonnet, Paul; Poyet, Derisbourg, Rebichon, Nyateu, Jakobsen, Tolleron, Dupuy, Vincent, Guigou, M. Salou, Tobie, Joblon, Sanad, Esparon.