Latest from Boris Johnson: PM calls ‘shame’ after Partygate leak

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Angela Rayner of the Labor Party described the PM as “shameful” after a leak suggested that she and all the No.

The new copy of Scotland Yard’s survey has shown buyers whether he has a ‘reasonable excuse’ to attend any of the 12 meetings under investigation, making Boris Johnson the first UK Prime Minister to be questioned in this way.

According to a copy of the document published by ITV News On Tuesday evening, those who fill out are informed from the very beginning that there is the possibility of making a “written statement under bail”. It has also been shown to include a police warning: “You don’t have to say anything, but it could hurt your defense if you don’t mention something you can trust later in court during questioning. Anything you say can be presented as evidence.

Speaking to the broadcaster last night, Labor Party Deputy Leader Ms Rayner said: “It is shameful that for the first time in the history of the UK a Prime Minister has been questioned in police custody.” »


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Minister refuses to rule out sanctions against conservative donors with ties to Russia

Liz Truss is now Liz Truss, who refused to refuse to impose sanctions on Conservative Party donors with ties to Russia and promised to “inflict more suffering” on the Vladimir Putin regime.

The cabinet minister defended the “very serious package of sanctions” announced Tuesday, despite widespread criticism from Conservative and Labor MPs that the measures did not go far enough.

Truss said the UK has a “long list” of accomplices in the actions of the Russian leadership that the government is ready to “raise the heat” on them unless Moscow withdraws its forces.

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Truss says PM is ‘fully cooperating’ with police

our political journalist Adam’s Forest this :

Liz Truss said Boris Johnson was “fully cooperating” with police investigations into allegations of downing Street rules-breaking parties.

When asked whether Boris Johnson would have to resign if he was fined, he told Sky News: “The Prime Minister is fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigations.

“I support the Prime Minister 100%…I think he’s doing a great job. And we must allow these police investigations to continue. I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

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Experts fear leaked survey shows Met investigation ‘not comprehensive’

There are some interesting comments about the leaked Met Police survey, which many believe detectives concoct an overly simplistic list of questions that gives buyers a lot of room to act.

Paul MarkThe UK editor of ITV, which broke the news last night, featured some of the main footage from last night.

One of them, by the criminal lawyer Andrew KeoghThat the survey itself “suggested that this was not a comprehensive investigation” by the Met.

Mr Keogh told ITV the questions asked were “as simple as you can imagine”.

Another was by the former Chief of Police of the Met. Dal Babu repeats this sentiment:

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Wednesday, February 23 Parliamentary calendar

Here is a list of the sessions that will be held at Westminster today.

11.30 in the morning. Women’s issues and equality

12:00 Prime Minister’s Questions

12:40 A 10-minute rule action on energy pricing (off-grid gas digits)

Labor-Led Opposition Day Debates

A short discussion on balancing support for rural communities in Cumbria

15:34 Refugees (Family Reunification) Bill – working on committee

Age Assurance (Minimum Standards) Bill – Committee Evaluation

Election Act – second reading

Passenger, Crew and Service Information (Legal Penalties) (Amendment) Regulation 2022 – Approval and Regret Petitions

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Johnson becomes first Prime Minister to be questioned on bail at Partygate

Boris Johnson has become the first prime minister to be questioned on bail by the police, according to a leaked copy of Scotland Yard’s Partygate poll for Downing Street workers.

The Metropolitan Police sent out questionnaires to anyone suspected of violating the rules as part of its investigation into 12 cases of alleged violations of coronavirus rules, six of which were said to have involved Mr Johnson.

According to a copy of documents published by ITV News On Tuesday evening, buyers are notified at the outset that they have the opportunity to submit a “written statement under warranty”. He also tells buyers that they “have nothing to say, but that it can hurt your defense if you don’t mention something you can trust later in court” and that “the liability has been read and understood before any answers to the questions given.”

our political editor André Becasse see you later:

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Hello, sam hancock here’s welcome to another day IndependentLive political broadcast from the UK.

Today is Wednesday, which means something: Questions to the Prime Minister (LF) at 12 noon. We’ll bring you live updates from this when it launches.

Elsewhere, Boris Johnson comes under fire after a version of the Met Police poll he had to answer was leaked, revealing that the Prime Minister was being cautiously questioned.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest news.

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