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Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak fined for Downing Street quarantine parties

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will be fined during the police investigation into the quarantine parties on Downing Street.

A spokesperson for No 10 said: “Today the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister were told that the Metropolitan Police plans to issue fixed fine notices to them.”

The announcement was met with calls for immediate resignations from Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak, including Labor leader Keir Starmer, who said the Conservatives were “wholly unfit to govern”.

It came when the Met announced it would impose more than 50 fines for violating the Covid lockdown rules in Whitehall and Downing Street.

This appears to include an additional 30 referrals for fixed fine notices, in addition to the 20 posted at the end of March.

Police said they were still evaluating a large amount of “research material” that could lead to further fines.


Number 10 confirms Johnson and Sunak fined for surprise birthday party for Prime Minister

Downing Street released a statement confirming that Boris Johnson would be fined for throwing a surprise birthday party for him on June 19, 2010.

It was one of the incidents that Met Police officers investigated as part of the Operation Hillman investigation into 12 meetings that took place during the outbreak. Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, were also sanctioned and both attended the event.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said:

“The Met Police have now announced that the FPN given to the Prime Minister will relate to the following event: “You attended a meeting of two or more people on 19 June 2020 in Cabinet Room 10, Downing Street, between 2pm and 3pm. In the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street.

The Met also announced that more fines could be imposed, meaning this may not be the last FPN Mr. Johnson or his wife Carrie will receive. This shows that the police deal with cases on a case-by-case basis, not on a case-by-case basis.

It is believed that Mr. Sunak has not attended any other Partygate events, so this will likely be the only FPN he will get.

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Watch: PM and Altar fined for all 10 crash nights

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak fined for Downing Street quarantine parties

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Does the Partygate fine mean Johnson now has a criminal record?

Boris Johnson is facing new calls for resignation after it was announced that he, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and wife Carrie Johnson will receive Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for breaking Covid laws following a police investigation into Downing Street parties during the lockdown.

FPNs relate to parties held at number 10 while London and the rest of the UK are under strict lockdown rules.

The unprecedented development, which has become the worst scandal to hit the Conservative Party since Mr Johnson took office in 2019, has caused many to wonder if the Conservative Party leader’s FPN means he will now have a criminal record.

In short, the answer to this question is no, it will not be. As Criminal Records (Acro) explains on its site: “Collection penalty notices for violating coronavirus legislation cannot be recorded, so an FPN, whether paid or disputed, will not be recorded on the National Police Computer (PNC).”

But the government agency adds that details of the perpetrator are “held by the appropriate authorities.” [local police] forced”.

So, while it looks like Mr Johnson won’t be coming out of Partygate with a criminal record, it’s a disgrace that this marks the first time a Prime Minister has been fined or prosecuted in this way for breaking the law during his tenure.

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Tory compares PM’s guilt to ‘nurses and teachers drinking in staff rooms’

A senior Tory MP defended Boris Johnson’s stance, saying he had “never thought about it”. [Mr Johnson] thought he was breaking the law”.

A staunch defender of Mr Johnson, Michael Fabricator seemed to take his defense a step further, comparing the Prime Minister’s guilt to that of teachers and health workers during the pandemic.

“I think he thought at the time – just like many teachers and nurses who tend to go back to the staff room and have a quiet drink after a very long shift – more or less, what happened in those situations? Mr Fabricator told BBC News.

However, he admitted that thinking you are not breaking the law is “not an excuse” for doing so.

Pressing on his comments on teachers and nurses, Mr Fabricator said he only “knows” some who did this during Covid, which he compared to the situation at number 10.

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Douglas Ross says PM should not be sacked ‘yet’

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross, has come to defend Boris Johnson’s stance, saying he should not resign or be deported while the war continues in Ukraine.

“The public is justifiably outraged at what happened on Downing Street during the pandemic. I understand why they are angry and they share their anger. The behavior was unacceptable. The Prime Minister must now respond to these penalties,” he said.

“However, as I have said very clearly, in the midst of the war in Europe, when Vladimir Putin is committing war crimes and the UK is Ukraine’s biggest ally, as the President said this weekend, it would not be fair to dismiss the Prime Minister. at the moment.

Mr. Ross has previously been criticized for urging the Prime Minister to resign over the Partygate allegations.

Brexit Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg went so far as to say Mr Ross was “always a pretty light-hearted politician” and was later slapped.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross is pictured at Holyrood

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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross pictured in Holyrood


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Timeline of Downing Street parties like Johnson and Altar will be fined

While the Prime Minister and the Chancellor were fined, this is what we know about the parties under investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

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Clip of Rishi Sunak refusing to attend quarantine parties resurfaced

A clip of Rishi Sunak refusing to attend isolation parties has resurfaced – after number 10 is confirmed, the Chancellor will be fined by the police investigating the party door scandal.

“I have not joined any party,” the Chancellor told the House of Commons in December.

Partygate: Clip footage of Rishi Sunak refusing to attend isolation parties

Laurie Churchman12 April 2022 15:56


Sturgeon urges PM and Chancellor to resign after fines

Nicola Sturgeon said the Prime Minister had “broken the law and had repeatedly lied to Parliament about it”.

He wrote on Twitter: “The core values ​​of honesty and integrity necessary for the proper functioning of any parliamentary democracy demand it go.

“And he should take his disconnected prime minister with him.”

You can read the whole story below.

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Partygate: All apologies and denials from Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak for the law-breaking events

“All guidelines were fully followed at Number 10,” Boris Johnson told the Commons in December, after it was revealed that meetings had taken place during times of strict Covid restrictions the previous Christmas.

When senior assistant No. 10 Allegra Stratton was caught laughing at a ‘cheese and wine’ party in a leaked video, Mr Johnson claimed: ‘I’ve been reassured several times since these allegations turned out to be no parties and no covid rules. broken. ”

It has since emerged that Boris Johnson has attended a number of events.

He will now be fined by the Metropolitan Police.

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‘They took us all to trophies’: Bereaved families urge Johnson, Sunak to resign

Families who lost loved ones called for the prime minister and chancellor to resign, saying the couple had “broken the law” and “set us all on fire”.

“If they had a little decency, they would have left tonight,” said Lobby Akinnola, spokesperson for the Covid-19 group Families of Grief for Justice.

“After all that’s happened, it’s still incredibly painful to know that when we can’t be with our loved ones in their last moments or at a miserable funeral, it’s still incredibly painful to know that the Prime Minister was partying and breaking the rules of his own quarantine for a handful of people – because we were following the rules.

“It is really shameless that the Prime Minister and Chancellor lied later and would have continued to lie if the police had not intervened. They broke the law. But what’s worse, they all mistook us for trophies.

“When we met with the Prime Minister in garden number 10 where these parties were held, he looked us in the eye and said that he was doing everything he could to save our loved ones.

“We now know that it is a lie. There is no way the Prime Minister or Chancellor can continue.

“Their dishonesty has done incalculable harm to the bereaved. Not only that, but they’ve lost all credibility with the general public, which could cost lives if it means new variants will need restrictions in the future.

Laurie Churchman12 April 2022 14:59