Latest from Boris Johnson: Prime Minister announces new No. 10 roster after staff exit

Malcom Rifkind says Boris Johnson is ‘toxic’ even to his allies

Boris Johnson has announced two new appointments on Downing Street to fill the void left by five resignations within 24 hours.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Steve Barclay, will become the Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

“He will be responsible for integrating the new Prime Minister’s and Cabinet Office, guiding the government’s agenda more effectively and ensuring that it is more aligned with the Cabinet and reserve MPs”.

Former BBC journalist Guto Harri has joined Mr Johnson’s team as director of communications. He was Mr Johnson’s spokesman and chief of staff during his first term as mayor of London.

Further announcements are expected in the coming days.

Amid the growing Tory rebellion against Mr Johnson’s leadership, number 10 insiders warned that the increasingly isolated Prime Minister was becoming “unpredictable and indecisive”.

A minister urged Johnson to dismiss Rishi Sunak, accusing the Chancellor of ‘maneuvering’ for leadership. Heat.


Questions about the ‘tripartite role’ of the new Chief of Staff No. 10

Questions arise as to how Boris Johnson’s new chief of staff will balance this ’24/7′ role with being a Cabinet minister and a constituency MP at the same time.

The Prime Minister announced on Saturday that the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Steve Barclay, will become chief of staff and push forward reforms on Downing Street in the wake of the ‘Partygate’ scandal.

But former business owners have queued up to say they’re not sure how Mr. Barclay will be able to take on all of their roles.

Gavin Barwell, Theresa May’s chief of staff, praised Mr Barclay as “a hardworking, intelligent, persistent and good man of high standards”.

But his Tory peer said it would “not be easy to combine being chief of staff with a minister and a lawmaker”.

Alongside Fiona Hill, Nick Timothy, May’s chief of staff, tweeted: “Barclay is very talented but also unsure of a chief of staff who is also a minister elsewhere.”

Jonathan Powell, who served under Tony Blair, tweeted: “Is he stepping down as MP? Or is he accountable to Parliament? I can’t imagine a democracy where the Chief of Staff could be in the legislature.

“I found being Chief of Staff No. 10 as a full-time job. I don’t know how this can be combined with representation of a constituency. And having to answer parliamentary questions about the Prime Minister would be difficult. »

Mr Johnson had previously insisted on ‘making changes’ to Downing Street and the Cabinet Office following the saga of parties held at Number 10 during the Covid quarantines. This included the creation of a Prime Minister’s Office with a permanent secretary to lead Number 10.

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Rebels fear ‘accidental’ vote could save Johnson – Indy of tomorrow

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Who is Boris Johnson’s spin doctor Guto Harri?

Remainer, a former Boris Johnson advisor and once critical of the Prime Minister’s political style, became his communications director at a Downing Street change.

Guto Harri, one of Mr Johnson’s key aides when he was mayor of London, takes over after Jack Doyle’s resignation.

Mr. Harri was previously the BBC’s chief political correspondent and returned to broadcasting in 2018 working for Welsh free-to-air channel S4C.

He said he had “very different views” from Boris Johnson on Brexit and described leaving the EU as “a disastrous act of self-harm for the UK”.

Mr. Harri once targeted Mr. Johnson over a series of controversial remarks that he said had done ‘great damage’ to his former boss’s political prospects.

He accused Mr Johnson of “digging his political grave” and warned it would be “highly divisive” as Prime Minister.

Below you can find more information about Mr. Harri.

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The incoming spin doctor asked if the PM could survive the party

Despite being seen as an ally of Mr Johnson, spin doctor Guto Harri described the Prime Minister as a ‘highly divisive figure’.

Just this week, Mr. Harri was questioning MP Alun Cairns on the Welsh political program Y Byd yn ei Le about whether Johnson could continue as Prime Minister if he was found guilty of violating the law in the party investigation.

Mr. Harri replaces Jack Doyle, who is believed to have been involved in two of the 12 incidents investigated by police for alleged isolation violations.

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Boris Johnson’s special adviser Henry Newman ‘leaving number 10’

We learned that special counsel Henry Newman, a friend of the Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie, has left number 10.

According to the Sunday Times, he is likely to return to work with his former boss, Michael Gove.

Mr Newman may have been involved in the party door scandal – reports claim he attended a party while Covid restrictions were in place in the apartment shared by Mr and Mrs Johnson.

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New spin doctor says PM has ‘weaknesses’ to cover up

No 10’s new spin doctor recently defended Boris Johnson over the way he handled the Partygate scandal – but said the Prime Minister should ‘cover up his weaknesses’.

In an interview with BBC Newscast last month, Guto Harri criticized Mr Johnson’s failure to find good counsellors.

“Boris has always underestimated how important it is to have a great team around him,” he said.

He also described how some in Westminster were reluctant to come to the aid of the besieged Prime Minister because they were not interested in escorting him “to the gallows.”

The full story of Adam Forrest is below.

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Doubts about new chief of staff No10 Barclay doing three jobs

Cabinet Secretary Steve Barclay will become Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief of staff.

However, doubts arose about both his jobs and whether he could become a member of parliament.

His predecessor, Dan Rosenfield, was appointed chief of staff number 10 after becoming one of five aides under Mr Johnson to resign within 24 hours.

David Lidington is a former MP and Cabinet minister who served as de facto deputy to Theresa May when she was prime minister.

He said that in order for Mr Barclay to fulfill all of his roles, he would have to be deputy prime minister “in everything but the title” and be able to delegate to others.

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Labor Party says PM reorganizes chaise lounges with ‘weird’ date

Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labor Party, said that Boris Johnson “frequently rearranged chaise lounges” – criticizing the idea that Mr Barclay could work for both Number 10 and Cabinet Office.

“It’s a joke. Being Number 10 Chief of Staff is a 24/7 job, so if Steve Barclay makes it his third job, Conservative lawmakers and the public can’t be sure that Downing Street’s dysfunction will end,” said Ms. Rayner.

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Nigel Farage comments on hiring ‘awakened’ Prime Minister Guto Harri

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage described Boris Johnson’s new communications director as “an awakened relic”.

Guto Harri left GB News last year after being suspended for kneeling during a debate about racism against black English football players.

Mr. Harri said the gesture was “a simple and bold statement that you reject racism”.

At the time, Britain’s new news anchor, Nigel Farage, said on his show that “no one will kneel for you”.

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Nestlé UK to relocate hundreds of jobs in northern England

A business leader advising the government on ‘upgrading’ northern England is moving hundreds of jobs overseas.

Nestlé UK CEO and member of the UK Investment Council, Stefano Agostini, is overseeing the closure of the Newcastle confectionery factory.

About 475 jobs will move to the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria. Mirror reports.

Another 98 employees will move to Nestlé’s KitKat factory in York.

Chris Jukes, chief organizer of the GMB contingent in the north, said: “This is striking hypocrisy of the government.

“Leveling is not what Agostini did in Newcastle.”

Lamiate SabineFebruary 5, 2022 19.00