Latest from Boris Johnson: UK Deputy PM says ‘Putin must fail’ and excludes Ukraine’s no-fly zone – Reuters

Boris Johnson has revealed a six-point plan for Ukraine

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<p>Boris Johnson unveils a six-point plan for Ukraine</p>
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Boris Johnson unveils six-point plan for Ukraine

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British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has rejected the establishment of a no-fly zone in Ukraine during the Russian offensive, saying it would lead to a “major escalation”.

He echoed Boris Johnson’s words, saying that Vladimir Putin “must have failed” – but warned that this could take time.

Also Sunday, the Prime Minister presented a six-point plan for the international community to support Ukraine during the Russian occupation.

These were to maximize the economic pressure on the invading country and do more to help Ukraine defend itself and prevent the “creeping normalization” of what Russia was doing to its neighbor.

“We cannot allow the Kremlin to rip apart an independent country and inflict tremendous human suffering and then return to the gang,” Johnson wrote. New York Times.

Meanwhile, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace warned the Russian leader not to “test” or “underestimate” Britain.


‘We can’t give them the option to sue to avoid sanctions’

Labor told Boris Johnson that emergency legislation should be passed to prevent Russian oligarchs from using Britain’s notorious justice system to threaten and silence critics.

“We are already behind the rest of the world in sanctioning the oligarchs who financed Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine,” said Sir Keir Starmer.

“While we are silencing the UK media, we cannot also give them the option to sue to avoid sanctions. »

Rob Merrickour assistant political editor has the full story:

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Tory MP says ‘cut the bureaucracy’ for Ukrainian refugees

Conservative Party MP Sir Roger Gale called for “reduction of bureaucracy” for refugees fleeing Ukraine:

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Raab declares no-fly zone over Ukraine

Britain’s deputy prime minister has said that by giving up on enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, it would lead to a “major escalation” and fuel the Russian president’s narrative.

He told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips on Sunday: “We will not engage in a direct military confrontation with Putin because that would be a huge escalation, but it also feeds into the Putin narrative.

“Putin actually wants to say he’s in a fight with the West – that’s not the case”.

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BREAKING: Dominic Raab dismisses fears that Putin is using nuclear weapons as ‘rhetorical’

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Raab says Russian commanders are at risk of being prosecuted for war crimes

Dominic Raab also warned Russian commanders and those around Vladimir Putin that there were risks of being prosecuted for war crimes at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The reckless and outspoken tactics of the Putin regime must be held to account,” said the British Deputy Prime Minister.

said Trevor Phillips on Sunday At Sky News, it’s “just [to] Not Putin himself, but also anyone who takes illegal orders.”

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Putin ‘must fail’, says UK Deputy PM

British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab speaks about Ukraine on Sky News this morning.

He says Vladimir Putin “must fail” in his invasion – but that may take time:

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Russia ‘targets populated areas’ of Ukraine – British intelligence

British military intelligence said Russian forces targeted populated areas in Ukraine, but resistance force slowed the advance of Vladimir Putin’s army.

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What are the six points of Boris Johnson’s plan?

Here are six points the British Prime Minister has urged the international community to follow to help Ukraine:

  1. Mobilize an international humanitarian coalition
  2. Do more to help Ukraine defend itself
  3. Maximize economic pressure on Mr. Putin’s regime
  4. Prevent the creeping normalization of what Russia is doing in Ukraine
  5. Be open to diplomacy and de-escalation
  6. Act now to strengthen Euro-Atlantic security

Boris Johnson explained these New York Times:

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Boris Johnson’s six-point plan for Ukraine

Boris Johnson told international leaders that “the world is watching” and urged them to support a six-point plan that he hopes will help crush Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Rob Merrickour assistant political editor has more details:

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Hello and welcome to our ongoing news on UK policy as Russia wages its war in Ukraine.

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