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olivia levy

olivia levy

Spring Spree continues at full speed

Spring Spree continues until May 29. This is your chance to meet the craftsmen and fashion designers of rue Parthenais, who have opened the doors of their ateliers for a weekend for exhibitions and sales. More than a hundred creatives thus gain access to their workplaces in three buildings – Usine Grover, Chat des artistes and the artists’ housing cooperative Lezarts. For example, we find the Annie 50 brand, the jeweler Véronique Roy, or the ceramists Valérie Pelletier and Roxane Charest.

“Having the chance to meet designers and craftsmen after two years of pandemic is great because every object has a story that deserves to be told. It’s a world of discovery that opens up to us, and I’ll be there to let you know some well-kept secrets! says fashion designer Jean-Claude Poitras, spokesperson for the event.

The division of artistic and cultural disciplines into departments is of great importance for the designer. “The idea of ​​co-creation has fascinated me for a long time, being able to collaborate with other artists is an extraordinary enrichment,” he explains in an interview. I love the idea of ​​building bridges between different art disciplines, cinema, architecture, fashion and crafts. This new spirit of cooperation did not exist in my time, we were all individualists. First of all, we did not want to share our references, but today there is this desire to share. »

“This year I celebrate my 50th anniversary and this need to share and communicate is stronger than ever before,” he continues. I want to give back to the youth and promote Quebec’s creativity worldwide. We are proud to showcase our creativity and wear typical Quebec style. This is what makes us different in fashion anyway. »

A resale platform for Souris Mini


Clothes from Quebec children’s clothing brand Souris Mini

Quebec children’s clothing company Souris Mini is launching its used clothing sales platform. This platform for mainstream sellers and buyers is a way to give a second life to the clothing of Souris Mini, which was founded in 1989. “For over 30 years we have always trusted creativity and quality. Our clothes are timeless. We offer complete collections for children from 0 to 12 years old, there are swimsuits, dresses, trousers, sweaters, coats, snow suits. We dress kids from head to toe,” says Annie Bellavance, founder, owner and designer of Souris Mini. Second, he has always had a desire to put the environment first. “Clothes are durable, hence the interest in resale. A beautiful community has been built over the years and our customers are loyal. The whole team is proud of this new platform and I’m still as passionate about my job as I was on the first day! »

Bagages de France store celebrates its 15th anniversaryto anniversary

  • Famous Longchamp Pliage bag


    Famous Longchamp Pliage bag

  • Paris Saint-Tropez basket, $255


    Paris Saint-Tropez basket, $255

  • Pliage Filet bag that Emily wore in the Emily series in Paris, $145


    Pliage mesh bag that Emily wears in the series Emily in Paris$145


Bagages de France store celebrates its 15th anniversaryto anniversary. Located on Rue Saint-Louis, in the historic district of Old Quebec, the boutique sells handbags, accessories and soft suitcases from the French brand Longchamp. Owner Sheila Morgan fell in love with the brand. “I went to Paris to meet the Cassegrain family, who founded and still owns Longchamp in 1948. The fourth generation is responsible. This family is amazing, I see them every year for the presentation of new collections,” he explains. “Longchamp is an affordable luxury for me.”

The emblematic bag of the brand, as well as its best seller, is the Pliage, created in 1993 by Philippe Cassegrain. Since then, more than 30 million Pliage bags have been sold worldwide. Inspired by the art of Japanese origami, the bag, as the name suggests, can be folded and opened at will. The original model was made of nylon, but now comes in all sorts of materials, sizes, and colors. “There are the Leather Pliage bags, and then there is the Pliage Filet, which was a huge success as it was worn by Emily in the Netflix series in lemon colour. Emily in Paris ! “, emphasizes Sheila Morgan. She adds that the brand has evolved and “offers other models such as the Paris Saint-Tropez basket inspired by the south of France, or even more stylish backpacks and models.”