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Florent Pagny with cancer: the latest news on his health

FLORENT PAGNY. Singer Florent Pagny is undergoing treatment for lung cancer, which he revealed last January to be suffering from.

[Mis à jour le 23 avril 2022 à 19h04] Every Saturday in TF1, Florent Pagny continues his coaching role. Sound. If the show was recorded before the singer’s treatment began, she is currently battling the disease. On January 25, Florent Pagny announced that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

A “special announcement” from the artist that pushed the singer to suspend her career during treatment. In the same video, Florent Pagny said, “I won’t be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour. I have to cancel all my concerts due to a health issue.”

He is confident that he will be back in his best form, assuring that he will be back on stage as soon as his treatment is over. According to information from Here magazine, Florent Pagny’s health has already improved. “After two months of intensive treatment, the tumor in Florent Pagny’s lung has already been reduced by half,” says the media. “He seems to be doing quite well. He and his wife are very, very close. It’s one more obstacle, but I think he’ll get better very quickly,” reassured his friend, singer Anne Sila. An interview with Purepeople.

For this reason, the French singer, who got lung cancer, gave some information about the medical advice and prognosis given to him in the same video. “I’ve just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, a cancerous tumor that is not very sympathetic and inoperable. So I have to undergo a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and x-rays.” “I and my other half have to put ourselves in warrior mode to get through this very special ordeal,” Florent Pagny says several times in the video, saying he’s “sorry for not being able to honor.” [s]commitments.”

Florent Pagny didn’t say much about his health at this stage. However, he did not reveal that the canceled concerts were definitively postponed because he wanted to focus on the “most important”. Yıldız stated that all tickets purchased will be refunded only for the canceled dates to be quarantined. Wanting to be reassuring, the singer expressed her desire to meet her audience next year, saying, “Take care of yourself and when all this is settled, we will meet again and I will come to finish what I started. Maybe he will be there. The 61-year tour.”

From the announcement of lung cancer on social networks, the comments are going well. Especially about the so-called addictions of the singer, especially cigarettes. In 2016, in Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s Le Divan on France 3, he relied on light drug consumption. “It keeps me balanced (…) I was hyperactive. I was a very, very fast kid. It’s worth staying in the hospital. “After one drink, I stayed where I could. One evening I felt bad and started drinking and ended up in the hospital with a hole in my stomach. my belly”, explains site TF1.

He is one of four jurors. Voice, the most beautiful voiceThe new season will air on Saturday, February 12 at 21:10. Florent Pagny reassured fans in his video and announced that he will be appearing on the show. “You’ll still see me on the red sofa. Sound It’s in very good shape, because we’ve recorded everything before,” explains the singer, who mentions “a very interesting season.”

Florent Pagny has been part of the French music scene for over three decades. know how to love, And one day a woman, my freedom of thoughtor Where Will I Take You?, a few of his titles became classics. It has sold over 15 million records in total. Florent Pagny was born on November 6, 1961 in Chalon-sur-Saône, in the Saône et Loire. This is where he grew up with his mother, his secretary Odile, Jean, his vignette-selling father, and his three brothers and sisters. At a very early age, Florent Pagny developed a passion for music and at the age of 16 he decided to leave his family to settle in Paris.

Later, in the capital, he met the famous show business bounty hunter Dominique Besnehard. The latter offers him the chance to take his first steps in cinema. Role and play Balance by Bob Swaim Saganne Castle by Alain Corneau or Inspector Labavure Claude Zidi’s photo. In 1987 Florent decided to return to singing. he writes the song AnythingManifesto against drugs. Manufactured by Gérard Louvin, the 45 rpm met with tremendous success (1 million copies sold) and remained in the top 50 for 26 weeks. He repeated this success in 1988 with his new 45 rpm. let us breathe. The following year, Florent Pagny scored a musical victory in the “Male Reveal of the Year” category. He released his first album in 1990. Thank you. The singer was awarded a golden record with more than 100,000 copies sold.

But sudden fame, money, relationship and title with young singer Vanessa Paradis rolling press, won Florent Pagny’s growing popularity by the media. It will be boycotted for 4 years. In 1992 he released his second album, which is highly autobiographical. Realistic. Success is mixed and Florent Pagny faces personal and financial problems. The artist is at the bottom of the wave.

stay true It is Florent Pagny’s third work and places 1994 under the sign of rediscovered peace. Jean-Jacques Goldman writes to her are you following me and if you want to try me, two great successes. One year later welcome to my homeA compilation containing three new tracks, including welcome to my home (1.5 million copies). The singer, who was exiled to Patagonia in the south of Argentina in 1997, released a new album, know how to love. Signatures are prestigious.

We find it, Erick Benzi, Zazie, Art Mengo, Pascal Obispo, Jacques Veneruzo, Jean-Jacques Goldman… Despite the artist’s taxing adventures, the disc was a commercial success, selling 1.4 million copies. Florent Pagny was logically rewarded with the victory for the Best male artist’s music. Records, tours, and appearance changes follow each other: To break (1999), Chatelet les Halles (2000), 2nd (2001), Land Elsewhere (2003), Baritone (2004) and Abracadabra (2006).

On January 27, 2005, he was caught by the tax authorities and convicted of tax evasion. November 2007, Florent Pagny finally feels ready to play Jacques Brel, the man he sees as his master. He selects eleven songs from the Belgian singer’s repertoire and presents a work with self-portrait value. Pagny sings Brel. In the production we find guitarists Daran and Yvan Cassar, who are talented pianists and arrangers. The singer interprets Brel with dignity, accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra. To date, she has given a unique performance before an enthusiastic audience at L’Olympia on December 1, 2007.

In 2010 Florent Pagny released an album. Everything and its opposite He finds Pascal Obispo, with whom he sings a duet. He went on an acoustic tour to celebrate his 50th birthday in 2011. He has been the show’s coach since 2012. Voice, the most beautiful voice. He released his single in 2013. bearing wallsfirst single from the album To grow old with you, entirely composed by Calogero. The album received diamond disc certification in July 2014.

After breaking up with Vanessa Paradis, Florent Pagny met Azucena Camano, a 25-year-old Argentinean young woman, at a dinner party in 1993. Camano is a model, painter, and creator of an organic beauty products brand. The couple has two children together: Inca, born March 17, 1996, and Aël, born May 26, 1999. Florent Pagny and Azucena Camano got married in 2006. The singer will dedicate the album “Vieillir avec toi” to him. “We are a karmic couple,” said Florent Pagny, identified by Laurent Delahousse at 8:30pm on Sunday. “It was our destiny to meet and accompany each other to come back from exactly where I am, from the bottom of the pit, and to outrun myself,” he added.

If Florent Pagny can count on his wife, Azucena Camano, to survive the ordeal of the disease, the singer also has the support of his two children, Inca and Aël, who now live in the United States. Aged 25 and 22, they now live in Miami and New York, respectively. While Aël studied photography, the Inca are passionate about street art, according to Here. “He lives in New York. And then he loves photography. He went to photography school. He has a good eye and is really good at taking pictures, so he’s having fun developing this gift.” , had trusted Florent Pagny on set. Vivement dimanche in November 2021. And to add this about the Inca son: “After getting his pilot’s license, he went to paint this painting, and from that point on, all of a sudden, a lot of people started calling him to make them. more murals.”