Latest news from EU CSDP missions and operations (December 2021)

(B2) As every month, B2 travels the world with the latest news from the European Union’s OGSP missions and operations. Security issues arise in all forms: from a community approach (involving all local actors) to education (a classic mission) and awareness raising of the youngest.

Mariupol (Ukraine). First Steps in Community Safety

After Odessa and Kiev, in Mariupol (455,000 inhabitants) in the Donetsk region in the east of the country is the EU’s advisory mission to internal security forces. Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) launched the latest Community Security Dialogue. Purpose: to build trust between civil society and law enforcement (LEA). Details here

Representatives of civil society, local authorities and law enforcement met on this occasion (credit: EUAM Ukraine)

Hargeisa (Somalia). Also rethinking police training

25 young officers from different police stations in Somaliland were trained in new approaches to enhancing public safety, including collaborating with the coast guard or developing a community approach, ” Recognizing that all members of society have an active role to play in ensuring respect for law and order Everyone left with key points to share with colleagues at the police station. A training course jointly run by the EU Maritime Capability Support Mission for Somalia (EUCAP Somalia). Details here

(credit: EUCAP Somalia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Learn to make peace from an early age

Students from two primary schools, one from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the other from the Republic of Serbia, organized a workshop on “pyrotechnic devices and the dangers of unexploded ordnance and mines”. This activity is part of a larger program “Together for a secure future” aimed at bringing together young people from different regions. The military stabilization operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea) brings them its sponsorship. Details here

(credit: screenshot B2/EUFOR Althea)

Baghdad, Iraq). Policing Lessons

Three days of theoretical and practical exercises (best practices, international standards, respect for human rights, critical decision making, etc.) in response to a public protest. This is the program prepared by the Iraqi Internal Security Advisory Mission (EUAM Iraq) for the workshop for generals and colonels of the Iraqi Forces Command (LEFC) to maintain order in public demonstrations. Details here

(credit: EUAM Iraq)

Pristina (Kosovo). Judicial Internal Audit

Excessive use and excessive length of pre-trial detention, too many hearing delays, etc. These trends are highlighted in the justice monitoring report published by the EU rule of law mission (EULEX Kosovo) from March 2020 to October 2021. Results of 295 cases tracked and 378 hearings passed the Review. The analysis is accompanied by recommendations for authorities. advices ” realistic “and that” it can have a positive impact on the effectiveness, accountability and integrity of the state in Kosovo, provided there is a will to implement it. “, says Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, head of mission. Details here

Press release of the report (credit: EULEX Kosovo)

Indian Ocean. Cooperation with maritime security centers

Tackling transnational criminal networks in general and drug trafficking in particular EU Maritime Operation Against Maritime Piracy (EUNAVFOR ATALANTA) strengthens the coordination of maritime security operations and the sharing and exchange of maritime information with the Regional Maritime Information Fusion Center (RMIFC) in Madagascar and the Regional Operational Coordination Center (RCOC) in South Africa. Seychelles. The three players signed a memorandum of understanding in mid-December. The request was urgent on behalf of the two partners as well as EUNAVFOR in connection with the recent adaptation of the mandate. Details here

(credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

Niamey (Niger). real size exercise

Arrest of drug traffickers, culminating in a hostage taking in a hotel. This is the fictional scenario in which several police units participate. Under the supervision of the Niger Homeland Security Capacity Building Mission (EUCAP Sahel Niger). “ We see how the Nigerian side approaches the tasks. This allows us to better determine what partners need and do not need. This makes it possible to direct the work of EUCAP Sahel Niger according to the concrete needs in the field. “, says Antje Pittelkau, head of the mission. Details here

(credit: EUCAP Sahel Niger)

Mogadishu (Somalia). IED detection

Slingshot techniques (see photo) were part of the 4th course on improvised explosive devices, in which the maneuvering units of the 14 October Brigade took part. A course delivered by the EU Somali Army Training Mission (EUTM Somalia) in collaboration with EOD teams from the Somali Police Force. Details here

Mopti (Financial). Developing State Presence

The National Gendarmerie Rapid Action Force (FARGEND) fleet in Sévaré consists of an administrative building, a building logistics and an infirmary, a refectory building, a dormitory, etc. equipped with. These investments are part of the integrated security plan for the Core regions (PSIRC), ” a strategy devoted to the link between security, state return and development “Describes Mali’s mission to strengthen its internal security forces (EUCAP Sahel Mali). Personal protective equipment (which has also been delivered to the Department of Homeland Security)chirp). Details here

(Information collected by Emmanuelle Stroesser)

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