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Justin Bieber with Ramsey syndrome: the latest news from the singer

JUSTIN BIEBER. The Canadian singer announced on Instagram that he has Ramsey syndrome, which paralyzed part of his face and forced him to cancel several concerts.

“I know this storm will pass.” Justin Bieber is breaking the news on Instagram after revealing that he suffers from Ramsey Hunt syndrome. The 28-year-old Canadian singer, who had to cancel several concerts due to paralysis of part of his face due to this rare disease, announced to his 241 million subscribers that he was getting better. And trusting in God… Justin Bieber says in the story, “Every day is better than the last, and during this time of discomfort I have found solace in the one who created me and knew me.”

Justin Bieber continues, “It reminds me that he totally knows me. He knows my darkest corners that I don’t want to reveal to anyone, and he always hugs me with love. This perspective is comforting in terrible times. I’m going through it. I know this storm will pass, but until then, Jesus is with me.” “

Rumors have been circulating about Justin Bieber’s health since his illness was announced on social networks. For some, the reason Justin Bieber got this Ramsey Hunt syndrome in the singer is because of the vaccine against Covid-19. For those who like these conspiracy theories, this logic also applies to the artist’s wife, Hailey Bieber, who had surgery last March for a blood clot in the brain.

On June 10, 2022, Justin Bieber announced in a video on Instagram that he has Ramsey Hunt’s unknown syndrome. “Hi everyone (…) as you can see on my face, I have a syndrome called Ramsay Hunt. I have a complete paralysis on this side of my face”, the world star explained, unable to visibly wink or smile. the corner of your mouth. Justin Bieber, who had to cancel many concerts on his tour, added that he does exercises and receives treatment to heal himself, “to rest, relax and get back to 100%”.

The video, watched by 53 million people, aroused a wave of emotion and made headlines in some of the world’s press when it was released. Especially since Justin Bieber’s illness is not well known.

Justin Bieber therefore revealed that he has a rare syndrome called Ramsey Hunt syndrome, named after the neurologist who discovered it in 1907, that paralyzes part of his face. redness in the ear or mouth. Ramsey Hunt syndrome is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which, as the name suggests, causes chickenpox and shingles. It can develop during a period of stress or decreased immune defense.

This syndrome is estimated to affect 5 out of every 100,000 people in the United States. Treatment for Ramsey Hunt syndrome includes taking antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as facial exercises to improve the face. Recovery may take several months.

Forced to cancel his tour due to his illness, Justin Bieber had to speak publicly to apologize to his disappointed fans. “So for those who are fed up with the cancellation of my upcoming shows, I can’t physically do them. As you can see, it’s pretty serious,” the singer says in the video she shared on Instagram.

Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour would continue in New York before continuing on several dates in the United States and then Europe. No restart date has been reported for this tour, which has been postponed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.