Latest news on the state of health announced by Dave

As you know, artists Dave and Renaud have been good friends for a long time. This Monday, January 24th, the singer of the title on the Swann side invited to the set Telematine. The hosts took the opportunity to hear from Renaud as usual. So there’s good news and bad news. However, it seems that Renaud has not returned to alc**l for several years.

Renaud: What are their plans?

When you have a flaw and become addicted to something, it is very difficult to stop. In fact, one can become addicted to tobacco, sugar, drugs, some drugs, alcoholic beverages… The list could go on… In any case, getting rid of it is a real success. It’s not Renaud who would say otherwise. The singer was accompanied to manage to get out of this. But today is over and their misfortune is behind them.

In fact, it’s been several years and he hasn’t touched a single drop of alcohol and may be overjoyed with his victory. In 2019, his friend Dave explained to reporters: tele-entertainment the following thing: “It’s nothing to worry about. Renaud is fine, he hasn’t been drinking for 10 months. Dave also added that they will be working with the band’s singer. Winner Mistral: “She gave me a wonderful text, Une femme qui s’en va, a beautiful gift that moved me. »

Still sober, but depressed?

The two artists are very close. Already, because they share the same passion and regularly collaborate on joint projects. Then, because they live in the same city. That’s why they see each other often, and this geographical proximity has further strengthened their bond. Indeed, the two stars live in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, which is called the “Venice” of Vaucluse. In other words, although Renaud protects his private life and does not dwell on his health, the media has news through his Dutch friend. Indeed, Dave, who was invited to the emission, telematine On Monday, January 24, a ” priest followed by his friend Renaud. Performer of the song vanilla however, it revealed reassuring information: “He’s fine, he’s still sober, that’s very important to him”announced the singer of the tube is that a coinsidence?

Dave also explained more about Renaud’s mood: “As he himself said, I do not betray any of his secrets because I do not want to be scolded by him, he has a problem with melancholy”. Indeed, a little bit of depression affects all French people during this time of health crisis. From the beginning of 2022, the government has introduced new restrictions and in particular a maximum tonnage of 2000 persons. Because of this, many concerts were cancelled. The world of culture has been turned upside down since the beginning of the epidemic. So Renaud and Dave are also directly affected: “Like many people, what we’ve been through, especially for two years, could be worse for him”. It’s okay to be nostalgic. Is the previous world really far behind us?

A new record in a few months

In any case, the most important thing right now is that Dave brings good news about his friend Renaud. And Dave had better news to report. Indeed, two artists have a very nice surprise for us. Fans will surely be delighted! singer dance now He told reporters: “He has an album to be released on his birthday”. So all you have to do is be patient until May 11, D-Day. See you there! Good days, sun, end of restrictions? Fingers crossed!