LE CREUSOT: Intersport will move to expand


The sports brand will create a real estate complex dedicated to commerce at the Harfleur junction. 6 million euro investment Opening planned in March 2024 with 12 job creation.

The earliest remember that the Andali family set foot in Le Creusot for clothing and sporting goods by purchasing Victor Sport at the top of Leclerc street in Le Creusot.
Then in the old Prisunic, in the middle of rue Leclerc, the first move was made with an installation to grow. And in the mid-2000s, a store opened in Chanliau. Then it’s a climax. But now, the Creusot store needs to grow to meet the new standards enacted by Intersport’s national headquarters.

Since any expansion is impossible at its location, a new commercial complex that the Andali group will build a few hundred further on, opposite the Peugeot garage, on the Avenue de la République, on the other side of the Harfleur junction.
An initial investment of approximately 6 million euros to create a 5,000 m2 commercial complex, which Intersport will lead, with a sales area of ​​2,000 m2 compared to 1,300 m2 today. Intersport will therefore gain approximately 50% in surface area open to customers.
The project was unveiled at a press conference at the Château de la Verrerie late this Tuesday morning.
Le Creusot mayor and urban community head David Marti openly welcomed the choice of the Andali group, which chose to stay in Le Creusot rather than move to another city. “Yes, we looked at how this improvement could be done in the field. As this was not possible, the choice fell on the Harfleur sector, where the demolition of the buildings will be completed in a few months,” says David Marti.
We are obviously within the framework of the urban transformation policy. “The region has been transformed by the establishment of public services such as parental homes. Together with the OPAC, we examined how existing land could be used. Therefore, Intersport will establish and develop itself with the aim of opening new brands that will not compete with other stores in Creusot. The idea is not to create competition, but to offer new services”, adds David Marti.
Giovanni Andali, who heads the family group, said in the presence of his brother Michel and Alexandre Iwasuila, who is responsible for the development of the group, that the new brands will focus more on household equipment.
Moreover, a group that has found a sign to take over the surface, which will be released in the spring of 2024, so to speak. The new commercial complex with the new Intersport is scheduled to open in March 2024. This will amount to an investment. 6 million euros.
“The important thing is to bring more to the population and fight against commercial smuggling,” said Sylvestre Coniau, deputy trader. It’s a new location and a new development that Georges Lacour finds attractive.
Giovanni Andali explained the new requirements of the Intersport group, but above all the need to be able to provide more references. Running or new forms of mobility with electric scooters are therefore new consumer needs.
Intersport, which currently employs 15 people, aims to create 12 additional jobs in its new store with the target of employing a total of 50 people in its new commercial site, which will cover an area of ​​8,000 square meters. Also, with the construction of living spaces, which David Marti points out can inevitably be deprived of the OPAC’s competence.
The existing city stadium will be removed to make room for a new space dedicated to the recreational and sports professions by the general public. Finally, a soft link will link the Chanliau roundabout to the Harfleur roundabout.