Learn about these actions that can save lives!


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New habits Heat wave
With global warming, we will have to learn to live with heat waves and very high temperatures every year.

The 40°C mark was reached on Friday and this Saturday, in some areas there is a risk of exceeding it. between Peaks at 41 or even 42°C scheduled for this afternoon southwest to central regions On the border of the Paris basin. a chapter very high heat historically early likely to recur every year because of global warming.

so what new habits get to start Learning to live with these extreme temperatures? Possible moves to save a life human but also animal because it’s not just us suffering from rising temperatures. So are our four-legged friends and wild animals. victims of these heat waves.

We will never remember this enough: HYDRATE! And above all, don’t wait to be thirsty to drink. risk dehydration. drink from 2L WATER (and especially no alcohol!) ambient temperature but at the same time get cold by getting wet neck, back and legs with cold water.

Also make sure Pets there is alwaysFresh and clean water is available. As for wild animals and insects, a small bowl of water (shallow to prevent suffocating) in the shade your garden, terrace, balcony or on your window, to refresh daily.

After hydration, meal: recommended cold food and in sufficient quantity (neither too much nor too little). give priority Vegetables and fruits (seasonal) and filled with water such as cucumber, tomato, watermelon or melon. be careful, old people have to suck “mineralized drinks (fruit juice, salt-enriched watersoups…)” according to the Ministry of Health.

stay cool! keep your home cool by caulking you : close the shutters during the day and ventilate at night or early in the morning when temperatures are the lowest. think also turn off your electrical devices, Heat sources. And avoid doing sports activities hottest hours when the sun is at its peak.

The same goes for animals! most burning tar It may hurt your feet. it will be necessary break the walking schedule and make sure your cat can always come into your home whenever they want. just like people avoid letting them play extreme.

Wild animals will appreciate it your garden is immaculate. Actually, the temperature soil can lose up to 4°C. tall grass perfect shaded areas for insects and small animals.

“These heat wave usually responsible several thousand hospitalizations and death,” warns the French Public Health organisation. learn about your loved ones most vulnerable.