Legislation 2022. The new female faces of Nupes in Lorraine

Two new female faces of Nupes emerge from this first round, following Caroline Fiat confirming her anchorage in the 6th district of Meurthe-et-Moselle. Charlotte Leduc took the lead in Metz’s 3rd district and Céline Léger advanced to the second round against RN Laurent Jacobelli in Thionville-Ouest’s 8th district.

The sensation at this Metz 3 is Nupes-LFI nominee Charlotte Leduc taking pole position ahead of Françoise Grolet for RN and dooming outgoing LREM assistant Richard Lioger (running with Marie-Jo Zimmermmann) into oblivion.

I felt dynamic but I didn’t expect to be in the second round, especially when there was such a difference in votes with RN (1986 votes)“.

Charlotte Leduc, 41, a longtime Mélenchonist, is tied to the LFI for the last presidential election:There was just a click, for me it was the last chance in the context of the climatic and social emergency; I have to go“.

A longtime activist in associations, this Parisian originally came to Metz in 2015 after a professional transfer. Archaeozoologist at INRAP (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) with a branch office in Metz-Nord. In 2018 he became president of the Attac movement on the Moselle. One of his struggles against globalization is the one that federated the alter G7 in 2019, for example. He is also actively involved in the collective against the Amazon’s arrival in Augny.

My commitment is sincere and clear

Charlotte Leduc, Nupes nominee at Metz 3

He invests in Nupes in the legislative election thanks to his unifying profile: “Because I’m a big activist, I knew people on the ground and I know how to feed people, it made sense in this coalition. But perhaps most importantly, my commitment is sincere and open. I’m convinced of this Nupes release program, I totally believe it“.

For the second round, Charlotte Leduc can count a priori on the support of socialist dissident Eric Gulino (5.18%) and the NPA. He hopes to be a Republican bulwark against RN and will work to get a large number of abstentions between those two rounds.

On the question of the possible advantage of the female candidacy, Charlotte Leduc prefers to highlight the feminist candidacy she represents.

This time at Metz 2, another Nupes nominee, Lisa Lahore, qualified for the runoff with 21.44% of the votes, with less than 1,000 votes to the winner, Ludovic Mendès, with 23.88%.

Another candidate to qualify for a runoff in the Moselle in the much-observed 8th constituency of Thionville-Ouest, with RN spokesperson Laurent Jacobelli in first place. Céline Léger, 44, is not new and was not surprised that she came in 2nd place.

It is often said that my profile is interesting, different from other candidates.

Céline Léger, candidate Nupes Moselle 8th constituency

A local rebel figure for a time, even ironically nicknamed Madame Mélenchon, has been following the leader of the movement since she left the socialist party. As an alternative in the 2017 legislative elections, he was also a candidate in the 2019 European elections under the label of LFI.

I am an authentic, commoner woman, I know my constituents well, and I am determined to present a vision that is very different from my competitor. Since the beginning of the campaign, I have often been told that my profile is interesting, different from other candidates.“.

Céline Leger, an Italian-born social worker, was not born an activist, but eventually became an activist as a reaction to the abuse and mistreatment she observed every day at her job.

Born in Villerupt, he lived for a long time in Aumetz on the Moselle. He continued his education at the age of 24 in order to be a hairdresser, his first job to not be a burden to his parents, who were struggling to make a living, and to flow into the social life that he would never leave. He is also very active in the relational world.

For the second round, he started approaches with left-wing elected officials and figures from the trade union world. He feels he can count on the support of social workers and the medical community. He also wonders if other candidates, especially Brahim Hammouch, who left the post on Sunday evening after taking third place with 23.49 percent of the vote, will give the order to vote.

For Caroline Fiat, the first LFI deputy from Lorraine, who was selected in 2017 after a duel against the RN in the 5th constituency of Meurthe-et-Moselle, these qualities are very encouraging:this girl power is refreshing for Lorraine and the Moselle !”

You gotta be yourself, don’t invent an identity

Caroline Fiat, MP LFI, 6th constituency of Meurthe-et-Moselle

The caregiver is happy if it paved the way for other applications. Advice for new hires: stay natural : “You have to stay yourself, don’t invent an identity, people will feel it if you’re not honest”.

After five years in the legislature, RN Anthony Boulogne’s short lead winner makes no secret of the fact that you must be in good standing to take up the post of deputy:We won’t be welcome, it won’t be easy, you have to be sporty“.

With the Brigitte Vaïsse (Nupes-PS) qualification in Moselle’s 9th constituency, four women from the left to qualify for the second round of these legislative elections, a total of six women in the Moselle and Lorraine.