L’Expression: Sports – Sebgag relies on civil society


This 19th edition of JM should bring together at least 520 athletes, 196 of them in the women’s category.

The success of the Mediterranean Games, scheduled for 25 June – 5 July this year, depends on the athletes and members of civil society in the province of Oran. That was the message that the Minister of Youth and Sports Abderezak Sebgag left last Thursday at a meeting with the heads of provincial sports leagues, non-governmental associations and former presidents in the conference hall of the polar mosque “Abdelhamid ibn Badis”. local champions called on civil society actors and former sports champions to mobilize to contribute to the success of the 19th edition of these Games.
In this sense, Oran and the whole of Algeria are preparing to pass the big test to give the best view of the city at the next JM.” In order to contribute to the success of this important sporting event by civil society and former sports champions, it requires a work that needs to be mobilized by trying to raise awareness among citizens.” Emphasizing that everyone should be involved in this process on the way, in order for Oran to be an exemplary city that makes a difference in every field, He drew attention to the importance of this edition of the World Youth Days in improving the living environment of citizens. The Minister said that the main purpose of organizing this event is to “trigger the local development process, taking into account the positive repercussions of the sporting event on all plans on the population of the town.” The other purpose of organizing this Mediterranean meeting in the capital of the West, as stated, is to “prove that Algeria has the capacity to host the largest international sports events”. by the minister. The meeting drew attention with the intervention of some participants. Mainly former international athletes, Mustapha Dobala and Daoud Sofiane.
Second, it was unanimously agreed on the need to utilize JM to restore the sport of Oran to its former glory, and to reiterate this by making the most of the facilities that would benefit the local sporting movement after the Mediterranean meeting closed. Oran Governor Saïd Sayoud focused his intervention “on the need to preserve the sporting achievements enjoyed by the city, and warned that new sporting structures or those that have been restored should not suffer the same fate as important sporting structures that are in a deplorable condition in other provinces”. This meeting was confirmed with the visit of Abderrahmane Hammad, Chairman of the Algerian Olympic Sports Committee, to the Minister and the Hamou-Boutlélis Sports Palace in the Mdina Jdida district. During this break, Sebgag presided over the official opening ceremony of the National Individual Judo Championships (boys and girls), which will run until Saturday. This event brings together at least 520 athletes, 196 of which are in the women’s category.