lightly injured by police, arrests

What to remember from the events of New Year’s Eve in Alsace

– Two police officers were slightly injured by fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg. During the interventions in Obernai, a police officer was seriously injured when a mortar was fired from the arm of a gendarme.

– At least twelve people were arrested before midnight on Friday in Strasbourg, four of them for acts of urban violence; In Ostwald, one person was arrested for shooting mortars at police officers, and in Erstein, another person was arrested for mortar fire. 5 people were arrested in Colmar.

– About 90 vehicles burned in Strasbourg. Other vehicles were burned in Mulhouse, Colmar, Obernai, Erstein, Mutzig.

– In Romanswiller, a woman suffered second-degree burns from a mortar ricochet

on the Lower Rhine

HORSE Romanswiller during the night, a woman was wounded in the throat by a mortar shell ricochet. She suffered second-degree burns and was admitted to the Saverne hospital. That would be an accident.

05h. HORSE mutzigA third vehicle was set on fire in the Mattfeld district.

02:45. HORSE Erstein, the gendarmerie and the municipal police patrolled jointly. A person who came out with mortar fire was detained and taken into custody. A 25 year old man from Illkirch. He was in possession of 12 F3 category mortars and two lighters at the time of his arrest. These elements were captured and destroyed by the police. While slight damage occurred to two vehicles in the Bruhly district, firefighters had to intervene in the container fire that broke out.

HORSE mutzig, A vehicle is on fire in the Mattfeld area.

02:35. Inside urban settlement of Strasbourg, According to our journalists on the site, the evening passed without any major incidents. There were tensions and fires almost everywhere, but not as much as in other years. In the evening – at least twelve before midnight – there would be a large number of arrests.

In Ostwald, a man fired mortars at police officers, causing no injuries. He was arrested and detained. According to police, two police officers were slightly injured by fireworks in the evening and a police vehicle was damaged.

02:30. A woman was reportedly injured in the throat by a mortar shell in Romanswiller. She was to be cremated in the second degree and transferred to the Saverne hospital.

02:10. HORSE mutzigA truck was set on fire in the Mattfeld district.

02:05. in the European region, ObernaiA gendarme was wounded in the arm and a constable was seriously injured by mortar shells during the interventions.

01:40. HORSE ObernaiA vehicle is on fire in Europe.

01:10. Inside Saverne and Sarre-Union sectorVery quiet at night. There are only two garbage fires in Saverne: rue des Sources around 21:30 and in the Gravières area around 12:30. Both were quickly brought under control.

01h. HORSE Obernai, violence escalated in the European region. The police are preparing a device for possible arrests.

12.30 in the afternoon. Many vehicles are on fire Strasbourg: rue du Rieth at the entrance of the Cité Nucléaire in the Cronenbourg district, or Hautepierre on avenue Molière.

00:20. HORSE ObernaiGendarmerie and police officers were targeted with mortar shells.

12:05 Fireworks in the midst of the police, several mortars and quite a festive atmosphere mobilized in front of the CSC Le Galet in the Hautepierre district. Strasbourg. A few fireworks were fired at the mobile gendarme and their vehicles.

This Friday evening in Strasbourg’s Hautepierre district. Photograph DNA/Jean-François BADIAS

10 pm. Two hours before the New Year began, twelve people were arrested, four of them linked to the urban violence of the 2021 New Year. Strasbourgsays the police.

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9 pm. Early on New Year’s Eve, a firefighting pump truck was targeted by mortar shells in the country’s Musau district. Strasbourgwithout injury.

Police also say someone fired a mortar at a Bac (crime-fighting team) vehicle on Friday. He was soon caught and taken into custody.

Police also said that a 14-year-old boy was carrying a 5-liter gas can in the neighborhood this New Year’s Eve. Neudorf from Strasbourg. He was arrested.

More than 750 police and gendarmes mobilized

More than 750 police and gendarmes were mobilized to maintain security this New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg and neighboring municipalities – Schiltigheim, Bischheim, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Lingolsheim and Ostwald.

A total of 90 patrols were deployed in these six municipalities that experienced an eruption of violence in 2019 – more than 300 cars were burned there on New Year’s Eve.

Since 6 pm this Friday evening, a helicopter has been flying over Strasbourg Eurometropolis with personnel of the national police. Equipped with a thermal camera, it aims to guide the workforce in the field, especially in the event of a fire.

Regarding domestic violence, 17 (police) or 18 (fire brigade) calls are received to the Information and Command Center established at the central police station. Police, gendarmerie and fire crews coordinate the interventions there.

Two gendarmes from the Haguenau company during a vehicle control operation at the French-German border in Roppenheim, 31 December 2021. Photo DNA / Franck SME

Two years ago, at least 300 cars were set on fire during New Year’s Eve in the Strasbourg metropolitan area. The night was heavily shaded.

This resurgence of urban violence, which peaked in the mid-1990s, prompted the governor’s office to provide a “substantial” security system at Strasbourg’s Eurometropolis this year.

Thus, the police will accompany the firefighters in certain interventions, especially extinguishing the fires of vehicles or garbage cans in certain neighborhoods.

The governor’s office also issued a decree imposing a curfew for minors under the age of 16 without a parent between 22:00 and 06:00 on New Year’s Eve in the municipalities of Strasbourg, Hoenheim, Bischheim, Schiltigheim, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Lingolsheim. and Ostwald. Young people violating the rules will be taken to the police station to take their statements. The person responsible for the legal responsibility will be invited to take it from there. Otherwise, a notification is made to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to put the minor in the home.

Bars and restaurants in Bas-Rhin will have to close their doors at 3am.

Strasbourg’s Eurometropolis is funding the protection of 18 parking lots, or 7,500 parks, from Friday 31 December to Saturday 1 January evening.

As in 2020, a comprehensive action plan is in place, taking into account the health and safety context. The device specifically relates to the prohibition of wearing, transporting, purchasing, selling and transferring all fireworks and pyrotechnic items until 8 pm on 3 January 2022.

in Haut-Rhin

■ Colmar

Five people, including four teenagers, were arrested in Colmar on New Year’s Eve, marked by numerous attacks on police. A dozen vehicles were burned, some of which spread.

National and municipal police have been the target of numerous rounds, particularly stone and fireworks mortars, in the western sector. Firefighters, usually accompanied by police, were not targeted. No police were injured, but at least three of their vehicles were damaged.

A proven device in Colmar: “citizen presence” patrols, local association members contact the public to “reassure” on New Year’s Eve. Photo by Alsace / Hervé KIELWASSER

During his trip to the Haut-Rhin aid and security forces, particularly in the company of Integration Minister Brigitte Klinkert, Governor Louis Laugier detailed the system implemented in the department this Christmas Eve. In total, more than 700 police officers, as well as 450 firefighters, were on the bridge that night, not to mention the lengthy preparatory work carried out upstream.

In Colmar, Mayor Éric Straumann said he was “less concerned” about the course of New Year’s Eve than he was a year ago.

Quite calm, the city councilor is also counting on a device that has proven itself in the European region for several years and will be renewed this year, the “citizen presence”, that is, a certain number of association leaders patrol in the evening. to communicate with people.

New Year’s Eve parties in Colmar have generally passed peacefully in recent years.

■ Mulhouse

23:00 in MulhouseThe city was divided into four sectors, with personnel from the crime-fighting brigade (Bac) and the specialist field brigade (BST) frozen since 18:00, and the CRS, which was mobile and intervened when necessary.

In terms of urban violence, we regret that a minibus and two cars in Coteaux burned down near rue des Abeilles in the Briand district at 10 pm. A dozen youths, mostly underage, have been arrested and will be handed over to their families. It is worth noting that in the break of this evening, public peace agents touring the Bourtzwiller district found several Molotov cocktails hidden in the cellars of the buildings.

The last few weeks have already been busy in Mulhouse, especially in the Drouot area.

But if there is an overflow, police should be able to apply the usual preventive measures, especially reliance on video surveillance.

The municipality also relies on its associations to avoid overflows and move upstream. On December 31st, various events will be organized by the Mulhouse associations with the idea of ​​a pleasant New Year and to keep the little ones out of the way.

Baden-Württemberg: generally quiet except Stuttgart

Police in Baden-Württemberg speak of a “positive balance” and a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve in the whole of Baden-Württemberg this Saturday morning. Gatherings, the use of fireworks, and the consumption of alcohol on public roads were prohibited across the country. No accidents or serious incidents were reported.

The only exception to this positive balance: Stuttgart. Clashes broke out in the capital of the country, especially between midnight and 01:00, between revelers and the police. Police mainly came under fireworks and responded with tear gas canisters. According to the initial assessment, there are at least three casualties among the police.