Like Bordeaux and Marseille, Toulouse has an Administrative Court of Appeal: five things to know

The 9th French Administrative Court of Appeal was established in Toulouse in the Saint-Etienne region.  The first cases were heard on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.
9and The French Administrative Court of Appeal was established in the Saint-Etienne district of Toulouse. The first cases were seen on Tuesday, 1private March 2022. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

A dispute between a private company and Toulouse Métropole over the execution of lease agreements for modular buildings, a tragic case of a child placed in Tarn-et-Garonne, a National Education official attacking the State for attacking the State does not cover adequate travel expenses… 1 Tuesdayprivate The first hearings were held in March 2022. Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal (CAA). Eight cases to decorate the beginning of the 9and French Administrative Court of Appeal.

Toulouse 9and court in france

After that Bordeaux (Gironde), Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), Douai (Nord), Paris, Versailles (Yvelines), Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), Lyon (Rhône) and Nancy (Lorraine), Toulouse appears on the map of these jurisdictions, created in 1989 and located between the Administrative Court and the Council of State. After the Administrative Court’s initial decision, claimants have two months to appeal the CAA, and also two months if, as a last resort, they wish to appeal to the Council of State.

The Administrative Court of Appeal was opened on 16 December 2021 by Prime Minister Jean Castex and Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupont-Moretti.

Here are five things you need to know about this newcomer, who is expected to reduce time spent on litigation and improve service to litigants.

Jean-François Moutte, President of the Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal
Jean-François Moutte, President of the Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

Toulouse was in competition with Montpellier

In this case, the Pink City was in direct competition with its neighbor and rival from the Mediterranean and Occitanie: Montpellier (Herault). “There was competition between Toulouse and Montpellier, but the government chose Toulouse because the project had more advantages,” says Jean-François Moutte, who studied and worked at the Administrative Court for a long time, says Jean-François Moutte, President of the Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal. … Montpellier. “There, it was necessary to make an extension of the chosen building, whereas here in Toulouse it was enough to rehabilitate it”, he continues.

creation of 9and In the south of France, the court of appeal was registered in the face of the increase in cases in the Bordeaux and Marseille Administrative Courts of Appeal. These are the last Approximately 5,000 and 5,800 cases were evaluated in 2019, respectivelyis among the largest jurisdictions in terms of activity. “The number of administrative disputes has continued to increase in France over the last 20 years,” says Jean-François Moutte.

The court took place in a symbolic place

This new jurisdiction is located in the old building of the Toulouse rectorate, on rue Montoulieu Saint-Jacques, magnificent Niel palace, Saint Etienne district. This is where the Rector’s official residence is and where the Toulouse Academy’s services were combined before it moved to the Niel district in early 2015.

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The court is located in the latest part (dated 1961) of the heritage complex of the Hotel de Lestang and its magnificent late Renaissance architecture, partially listed as Historic Monuments. “The other part of the hotel belongs to the City of Toulouse, it is independent of our building,” says Jean-François Moutte.

Total cost of renovating the building: 5.4 million euros

Most of Occitania… down to Vaucluse!

What about geographic coverage? Three administrative courts (TA) will now be subordinate to the Toulouse CAA: those of Toulouse, Montpellier (Herault) and Nimes (Gard). But not all of Occitania is worried, as the departments of Gers and Hautes-Pyrénées are subordinate to the Administrative Court of the Council of State. Pau (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)and hence the CAA Bordeaux (Gironde). On the other hand, the Vaucluse department is subordinate to Nîmes TA, although it is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Therefore, the files of this district, which had previously been tried on appeal in Marseille, are now 4.and A city in France.

The Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal has two courtrooms and is expected to hear about 3,200 cases each year.
The Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal has two courtrooms and is expected to hear about 3,200 cases each year. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

Should handle 3,200 cases per year

In 2022, the Toulouse CAA must handle at least 3,200 administrative cases on appeal. “In the last year of reference, 2019, we noted the number of applications in Toulouse cases that were settled in Bordeaux and Marseille,” said the CAA president.

“20-25% of the decisions of the Administrative Courts of Montpellier, Toulouse and Nîmes are challenged. And on average, 80% of the decisions of the Administrative Courts are upheld by the Administrative Courts of Appeal, 15% are set aside and 5% are reversed. was done”.

In terms of personnel, the opening of the Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal will take place in two phases. Currently, 11 magistrates and 12 registrars have started their duties in the former rectorate building. At the start of the school year in September 2022, the service will include: 21 magistrates (appointed by the High Council of Administrative Courts) and 25 inoculants. A vice-president of the institution must also come directly from Bordeaux at the beginning of the academic year.

The CAA consists of two courtrooms and, in the long run, five chambers: disputes over the environment, urban planning, markets, tax litigation, as well as disputes over hospital liability and public service issues.

Aliens’ cases represent the majority of cases

In Toulouse, as elsewhere, the majority of cases should be represented by those relating to the rights of foreigners. According to Jean-Francois Moutte, more than 50% of objections are related to this area (asylum claims, family reunification etc.) is a jurisdiction of the prefecture of Haute-Garonne and the Divisional Council. “Civil service disputes represent 8 to 12%, tax disputes 10%, mainly taxation issue and town planning-environment disputes 8%,” states the President. Many constructions in the metropolis of Toulouse and the creation of new wind turbines in many areas (especially in Lauragais and southeast of Tarn) should undoubtedly feed the pile of files…

Toulouse Administrative Court of Appeal. 3, rue Montoulieu Saint-Jacques, in Toulouse. Phone. : 05 32 98 50 00.
Email from the registry: [email protected]
More information on the court’s website.


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