LIVE. Ukraine-Russia war: G7 threatens new sanctions


  • Europe is raising its voice. For the first time in its history, the EU will end the “taboo of the Union not supplying arms to the warring parties” by financing the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment to Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Sunday. The EU will also close its airspace to Russian aircraft and ban Russian media RT and Sputnik.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday that he has “alarmed the deterrent power of the Russian military, which may include a nuclear component,” and an “unacceptable” escalation, according to the White House. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who refused dialogue in Belarus, confirmed the talks with Moscow on the Ukraine-Belarus border.
  • The battle for control of Kiev continues on Sunday, the fourth day of the offensive launched by Vladimir Putin. At least 198 civilians, including 3 children, were killed and 1115 injured. For the first time, the Russian military admitted without figures the human casualties during its invasion of Ukraine.

20:43 – Berlin claims Moscow is in trouble

The warning of Russia’s nuclear power by Vladimir Putin confirms that the offensive in Ukraine is not going as expected, as the German Defense Minister had predicted on Sunday evening.

With this announcement, the Russian president “is taking another step, and we have the impression that it is also about stopping, in his megalomania, the rapid invasion of Ukraine by bold and decisive actions by Ukraine.” Lambrecht told German public broadcaster ZDF.

20:23 FIFA announces sanctions against Russia

The International Football Federation (Fifa) forced Russia on Sunday to play its matches under a neutral flag and play its home matches outside its territory following the invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA, which reserves the right to take “additional sanctions, including the possibility of expulsion from competitions”, announced that the Russian national anthem and flag will also be banned from international competitions. Especially by the French Federation.

20:16 – France will bring a humanitarian solution to the UN in favor of the Ukrainians

The Elysée announced on Sunday evening that France will present a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on Monday “to guarantee unhindered humanitarian access and meet the urgent needs of the population remaining in Ukraine.”

“Beyond immediate humanitarian response, France will call for a ceasefire, which should be prior to any peace talks in this context,” said a press release from the Elysée.

20:10 – G7 ready for new sanctions

The G7 nations announced on Sunday evening that they are ready to take new sanctions against Russia, following what was announced this week if it “does not end its war against Ukraine”.

At a meeting of heads of diplomacy from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy and Great Britain, the industrialized countries forum also warned that it would not forcibly accept any “status changes” in Ukraine. According to a press release issued by the German presidency of the G7, words of territory that can be annexed.

20:08 – IN IMAGES, PICTURES. Hundreds of thousands marched in Europe

“Stop the war! Stop Putin!” : From Berlin to Prague, via Madrid and Vilnius, hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine’s yellows and blues marched across Europe on Sunday to condemn the Russian occupation and express their fear of a prolongation of the conflict. According to the police, in the German capital alone, at least 100,000 people gathered at the centre, 70,000 in Prague, 40,000 in Madrid, 15,000 in Amsterdam or 10,000 in Copenhagen.

20:00. – “The Russians do not seem to be actively engaged in a contact war”

When we start talking about Russia’s stagnation, strategist Benoist Bihan describes the originality of the invasion of Ukraine.

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19:41 – Draghi asked the EU for “the greatest determination”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called on the European Union on Sunday evening to respond with “the greatest determination” to the “barbaric aggression” against Ukraine, which poses “a threat to all of Europe”. “Italy gives its full support to the package of measures against the Russian Federation submitted today by the European Commission,” Mario Draghi said in a brief statement released by his services. Said.

19:33 – “7 million Ukrainians” can be displaced

European commissioner for crisis management, Janez Lenarcic, said on Sunday that “by estimates, 7 million Ukrainians will be displaced in this country due to the Russian attack.” We are witnessing the biggest humanitarian crisis in our European continent for many years,” he said.

19:11 – A new defense council convened on Monday

The Élysée announced on Sunday evening that President Emmanuel Macron has convened a new defense council devoted to Ukraine at 11:00 am on Monday. “This defense council is a continuation of the council held on Saturday, February 26, when important decisions were made,” Élysée says.

18:53 – G7 finance to discuss aid to Ukraine on Tuesday

World Bank President David Malpass condemned the Russian invasion as “a tragedy for Russia as well as Ukraine”, saying a G7 finance ministers meeting would be held on Tuesday to specifically evaluate aid to Ukraine. According to him, Western sanctions, which plan to remove Russian banks from the Swift interbank platform, “affect the banks, but apparently not the gas and oil industry,” of which Russia is one of the world’s largest producers.

18:41 – Trump: “The war in Ukraine would never have happened if the elections were not stolen from me”

In Orlando, Trump argued that Putin had taken advantage of Biden’s “weakness” and that Ukraine would not have been invaded had he been re-elected.

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18:34 – ‘Extraordinary’ decision from Sweden to supply weapons to Ukraine

The government announced on Sunday that it would break with Sweden’s doctrine that excludes delivery of weapons to a warring country and sending 5,000 anti-tank rocket launchers to Ukraine. This “extraordinary” decision is unprecedented since 1939, when Sweden aided Finland, which was attacked by the USSR, and Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson underlined at a press conference.

18:29 – Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday

According to information we received from diplomatic sources on Sunday, the UN Security Council will meet urgently on Monday at 15:00 (GMT) on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine occupied by Russia, at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron. One diplomat, who asked not to be identified, told Agence France-Presse that officials from the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the High Commissioner for Refugees will attend this session.

18:24 – BP left the capital of the Russian giant Rosneft

British oil giant BP announced on Sunday that it will leave the capital of Russian giant Rosneft, in which it holds a 19.75% stake, after Russia invaded Ukraine. The group said in a press release that its chief executive, Bernard Looney, would resign “with immediate effect” from Rosneft’s board of directors.

18:13 – EU imposes sanctions on Russia’s “accomplice” Belarus

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Sunday that the EU has decided to impose new sanctions on Belarus, banning exports from “the most important economic sectors” of the Minsk regime, which is “accomplice” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The head of the European executive noted that the hydrocarbon, tobacco, cement, iron and steel sectors are at stake. Belarusian officials who “helped Russia” in its offensive in Ukraine are also the target of sanctions. Belarus is already under EU sanctions for cracking down on its opposition and hijacking a European flight to arrest an opposition.