Longer wind turbines to replace those already built in Fienvillers

If the renovation is approved, there will only be five wind turbines in the park instead of four, but it will be larger.
If the renovation is approved, there will only be five wind turbines in the park instead of four, but it will be larger. (©The Journal of Abbeville)

municipality Fienvillers (Somme) has awarded Engie Green a contract for the refurbishment of the wind farm located on its territory and the wind farm of Hem-Hardinval and Longuevillette.

Mayor Alain Roussel has given approval that the municipality of Longuevillette will be paid dividends this time, the first to be concerned about the woes of this park built by the Compagnie du Vent in 2017 since it was absorbed by Engie Green.

Longuevillette was a forgotten great

The municipality of Fienvillers was the last to comment on this file. The municipalities of Longuevillette and Hem-Hardinval reached an agreement. “Before asking my city council to make a decision, I wanted to know the situation of my friends from the other two municipalities”explains Alain Roussel.

Above all, he wanted to get the opinion of François Crépin, mayor of Longuevillette, whose first house in his village was located 550 meters from the first machines.

This municipality never benefited from compensation despite the proximity of the park. “It was built more than 2.6 km from Fienvillers and 100 m from the borders of our area. At that time we only installed a lamp to beautify the church.”, grunts François Crépin, who was not yet mayor at the time. Since the election, the mayor has decided to be more demanding.

The troubles will still be there, but the Longuevillette will be compensated. For example, since 2017 each of the three municipalities will receive an outstanding payment of 7,000 Euros for the use of the road. In case of renewal of the park, the same amount will be given again. The file is indeed under development.

“Why don’t you plant some in the Paris area? »

Despite the contractor’s speech, three elected officials from the Fienvillers said no to the project, three abstained and nine said yes. Among the dissenters is Dominique Roussel, who wants her name written on the city council deliberation log. More than two kilometers from the wind farm, he sees two machines through his kitchen window and is afraid of noise pollution. “We have reached saturation on the Picardy plateau. Why not plant some in the Paris area? ‘, he begins.

Height of 132 meters instead of the current 110 meters

Owners who host wind turbines on their plots will have to reconsider for the installation of new machines at a height of 132 m at the tip of the blade versus the current 110 m.

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Engie Green will also hang on the lips of the governor, who must consent. But there is no public inquiry, this renewal only requires an additional decree.

Clément Brandelon, development project manager at Engie Green, presented the project to elected officials, promising to work with municipalities in full transparency. According to him, there was no question of enforced enforcement of the case. If elected officials had said no, the five existing machines would have been dismantled by 2025.

greater impact

Therefore, they must be replaced by four new, more powerful machines capable of providing energy to 100,000 people, compared to the current 76,000. Since the machines will be higher there will be one less due to the radar coverage in Lucheux. As long as this radar works, there won’t be any larger wind turbines because of it.

Each municipality will enjoy greater financial benefits, as the four machines will produce more. They can go from €17,357 to over €22,000 per year for Fienvillers.

A further subsidy up to 1 may be awarded to Fienvillers as part of the funding to fund projects for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage desired by the State. %.

Engie Green representatives wanted to reassure elected officials about the noise pollution level, visual impact and maintenance of machinery that has not been provided in recent years.

Mr. Brandelon also announced that the reinforced concrete foundations will be completely dismantled by law and the wind turbines will be recycled. The new wind farm could be operational in 2025.

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