Lydec renews partnership with Tibu Africa


The new agreement was signed by Lydec General Manager Jean-Pascal Darriet and Tibu African President Mohamed Amine Zariat in the presence of the Provincial Director of the Ministry of Education, Preschool and Sports, General Director of Preschool Education and Training, on 9 May. Casablanca-Settat Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF), partners from the private and public sectors and all players in Tibu Africa’s sports ecosystem. The partnership between the two parties focuses on the use of sport as a tool for youth empowerment, autonomy and employability in NEET situations (Neither in Education, Employment, nor Education, i.e. neither student, employee nor trainee).

On this occasion, Tibu Africa President Mohamed Amine Zariat said: “Our partnership with Lydec consists of using sport to contribute to the achievement of social cohesion, gender equality, education, socio-economics and 17 Sustainability goals. Development goals. Our joint program has a strong social impact and encourages the development of innovative sports practices and the transfer of the values ​​of cohesion and social inclusion, and opens up new job opportunities for young sports-loving people.”

Jean-Pascal Darriet, CEO of Lydec, emphasized: “Innovation is a value of Lydec and is at the heart of our raison d’etre. As part of our Open Innovation approach, we want to further develop social innovation together with our stakeholders, thereby contributing to the inclusive development of our anchorage area through concrete actions”. And to add: “We are proud of the results of our partnership with Tibu Africa. For a year, we supported 60 young people from underprivileged neighborhoods and shared our knowledge, which enables them to easily integrate into the job market, through the events and trainings organized by our partner. Tibu Africa has accompanied us on the occasion of the World Day of Creativity and Innovation, celebrated every year on 21 April, by organizing a day dedicated to creativity, sustainable development and sports for the benefit of the approximately thirty children of our employees.”

Lydec and Tibu Africa, partners since 2020, run the “Intilaqa Initiative” program in 2021, a program to improve employability through sport through mentoring, coaching and participation in sporting events organized by Tibu Africa. Targeting young people aged 18-29 from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Casablanca, this program revolves around 3 axes:

• Work study training and acquisition of technical and behavioral skills;

• Professional experience in educational structures and programs through immersion in sport and business;

• Support for access to employment through internships and workshops.

The “Intilaqa Initiative”, the first professional integration program for youth in NEET through sport in Morocco and Africa, made it possible to support 60 young people for one year (9 months devoted to education and 3 months to professional integration). Thanks to the support and commitment of Lydec and Tibu Africa, 73% of these young people entered the job market, particularly in the sports industries, and 12% started businesses in the sports field and managed their own projects.

Following this great success, the program will be renewed this year and will support 60 more youth in NEET status. The aim is to equip them with the technical, behavioral and entrepreneurial skills necessary for sustainable professional integration. These young people will also have the opportunity to interact with Lydec executives, which will strengthen their self-confidence and explore the business world.

Through this partnership, Lydec reaffirms its commitment to continuous innovation to meet stakeholder expectations and support the development of its home region while contributing to the company’s performance and business development. Tibu Africa continues its mission to develop programs that have a strong social impact for the benefit of youth, girls and women through sporting activities.