M6 group secretly producing three new reality TV shows

In recent years, viewers have expressed their disgust with reality TV in France. The lack of spontaneity of the candidates who only seek fame, the same programs, the same stories, the same headlines… And this is clearly seen in the ratings. A desire for redundancy and “freshness” that production companies understand. Originally, TFX was changed War of the Couples with War of Clans. This new format, which will be released in September, innovates by staging a “battle” between the Guedj family and the JLC Family.

To see if this program will please you… Currently, M6 group working on three new shows. Blasting News tells you more.

“Les Cinquante”: W9’s new incarceration reality TV show

ShayaraTV, the blogger who threw it all away: “I’m going to talk to you about two new topics in particular. TV showW9 coming at the beginning of next school year!” Firstly a reality show called “Les Cinquante” that will air on W9 very soon. In this new show, the biggest TV stars will find themselves in a villa and in constant competition. There will be challenges every day and in the end only one candidate should remain!

Eliminated, conflicts, strategies and 50 reality TV nominees will gather in a castle in the Paris region. ShayaraTV states that we can expect to see Nabilla, Amélie Neten, Julien Tanti, Jessica, Loana, and even Milla Jasmine, who have recently clashed with the former Mujdat due to her dubious messages to minors. The long-awaited return of the reality of closure!

The return of “Fan de” on 6play

Second, a cult show that will be back soon! At that time, this program presented by Severine Ferrer, this program broadcast in the 90s would also be in the preparation phase. ShayaraTV managed to find the names of the top five candidates to participate in the “Fan de” broadcast on 6play. This Greg Yega, Victoria Mehault, Bastos, Hilona and Julien Bert.

However, in the first episode of “Fan of”, the contestants will not trap their fans. By including them in their lives as stars, they will have an extraordinary day.

“This Family”: “Mothers and Celebrities” of the M6 ​​group

The third news from ShayaraTV will follow a reality show broadcast on 6play daily life of three families, two couples, two sisters and two candidates. A show similar to Moms and Celebrity Available on TFX but reserved for Marseille residents. Viewers will have the opportunity to follow the lives of these candidates for weeks.

What is behind work, social networks and appearance? The priority is the “family” aspect. Moreover, this new format will be called “C’est la Famille”.

The blogger only gives us the names of the upcoming candidates: Jessica and Thibault and their children, Manon and Julien Tanti and their children, Laura and Nikola Lozina and their sons Zlatan, Paga and Giuseppa, Océane and Marine El Himer, Benji and Maddy, Maeva Ghennam and Greg ( separately).

A dating show based on astrological signs

As you probably know, a dating show about astrological signs has just been filmed and the candidates have returned home. cosmic loveComing soon to Prime Video, it took place in Punta Cana and Presented by Nabilla Vergara.