Macron promises ‘re-evaluation’ of teachers’ salaries will ultimately ‘will not depend on anything’

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09:07 : It’s a little past 9am, here are the main headlines:

• The campaign ends tonight at midnight. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will stay on the ground until the end: the RN candidate will be in Abbeville (Somme), Emmanuel Macron will be in Figeac (Lot). Watch the home stretch on air.

• Emmanuel Macron, the reassessment of teachers’ salaries “not conditional on anything”. This is an evolution because it was controversial by requiring an increase before round 1. “significant” teacher salaries “new missions”.

• The French judiciary issued an international arrest warrant for Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of the Renault Nissan alliance. The Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office, which made this announcement, states that this authority is part of an investigation specifically into misappropriation of company assets and money laundering.

• Mariupol, the port city claimed by Moscow “freed”still resisting Russian forces, says the Ukrainian government, according to which thousands of Ukrainian fighters continue to fight fiercely.

09:02 : The outgoing president was immediately criticized. Didier Georges, national secretary of SNPDEN-Unsa, the management staff association in National Education, denounced franceinfo. “wrong new idea” Emmanuel Macron’s photo.

08:58 : Emmanuel Macron, mid-March,“a new deal for teachers”, “We will have to continue to increase salaries significantly”“will be connected with” description of new tasks. measures will be taken to ensure “Replacing absent teachers as we owe all lesson hours to our students and parents”added.

08:53 : [email protected]: “The fundamentals of the far-right are there, but Marine Le Pen has managed to move forward in a masked way by developing other issues.” #le79Inter #Elysée2022

08:52 : This is an evolution in his schedule because prior to round 1 the LREM candidate has caused controversy by requiring an increase. “significant” teacher salaries “new missions” as replacement of absent teachers.

08:50 : Emmanuel Macron, the reassessment of teachers’ salaries “not conditional on anything”

08:46 : [email protected]: “The controversy has brought to light what is called the French far right: when someone tells you Islam=Islamism=terrorism, when you have a project that is disrespecting the constitution, it is the far right.” #le79Inter #Elysée2022

08:45 : Emmanuel Macron looks at Wednesday’s debate against Marine Le Pen. he feels he has “highlighted” The far-right project of the RN candidate.

08:43 : “We can’t let our officers lose their purchasing power.” Emmanuel Macron is back to solving and increasing the index point for civil servants. While the executive rejected this measure for a five-year term, the impeached president now justifies it by emphasizing high inflation. As for the extent of the increase in this index point, he again refuses to give figures and refers to the negotiations between the unions and the government.

08:30 : [email protected]: “I think there is a fatigue associated with the two and a half years we’ve been living with Covid, a fatigue in our lives, a youth anxiety, a fatigue among caregivers. #le79Inter #Elysée2022

08:30 : Emmanuel Macron at France Inter’s microphone. “I think there is a tiredness there”Announcing the LREM candidate specifically linking it to the Covid-19 pandemic.

08:24 : “Common sense should guide policy. MYes, I am a mother, so maybe I have this common sense that Emmanuel Macron overlooked. And that’s what I want for the French to apply this policy of common sense.”

08:20 : Here you will find many articles to help you compare the programs of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. In particular, you will find a comparison on purchasing power, the main concerns of the French or compliance with the Paris agreement.

08:14 : “I have a project (…) I’ve been presenting for months and what I’ve heard for 10 days has nothing to do with my project”says Marine Le Pen.

08:08 :Emanuel Macron “I don’t like the French”Judge Marine Le Pen on CNews and Europe 1. He never stopped belittling them, humiliating them, treating them cruelly.” believes during his five-year tenure.

08:04 : Julien Denormandie believes this to be true, with criticism pointing to a certain arrogance and contempt for the presidential candidate during the debate against Marine Le Pen. “It’s one of the language elements of the National Front. We’ve seen that.says. That same evening, especially the next morning, some in the Front National preferred to talk about form, to avoid talking about matter.. The Minister forgets that non-RN internet users, political commentators, have quickly drawn attention to Emmanuel Macron’s sometimes professorial tone as of Wednesday evening.

07:43 : “Nothing done, nothing played”The support of Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie and Emmanuel Macron, predicted in the “4 Facts” in France 2.


07:29 : In the form of counterprogramming, Le Parisien / Today in France devotes much space to the climate issue to underline that it was so little addressed during this campaign. The Daily reported that “the Baltic Sea recorded temperatures 5°C above average” and “Europe experienced its hottest summer in 2021”.

07:22 : Diary Cross, who is calling Emmanuel Macron to voteExplain “why is nothing being played”emphasizing the importance of the level of abstention and the size of the votes carried.

07:20 : Who are these two economists?

Esther DufloHe received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019. Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was awarded the award for his work in reducing global poverty.

Jean Tirole He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2014. He was awarded for his work on market regulation advocating a radical change in the French job market. inequalities “time bomb”He was logged on to franceinfo in June 2021 when he gave a report on the matter to the head of state.

07:23 : On this last day of the campaign, the presidential election is largely making the headlines. Release It puts two Nobel Prize winners in economics who have crushed Marine Le Pen’s program. “His suggestions will not help the poor at all”Judge Esther Duflo. “With this, the social system can collapse”Jean Tirole warns.

06:39 : #presidentielle2022 “We should try to find the unattracted,” says political scientist Jean Petaux, hours before the end of the campaign. “And there’s still about 15% of the last minute decision makers in the voting booth. That’s nothing.”

07:05 : For political scientist Jean Petaux, this last day of the campaign is important to both candidates (who reassure themselves by saying they are mobilized to the end) and candidates alike. “Go bring the abstainers. Listen on Franceinfo.

07:06 : The campaign ends tonight at midnight. Until then, candidates remain on the ground:

• Emmanuel Macron will be at the France Inter microphone at 8:20 this morning after his interview on France 2’s “20 heures” program last night. He then has to go to Lot, Figeac, for a final meeting. This department voted him overwhelmingly in 2017.

• Marine Le Pen held its last meeting in Arras (Pas-de-Calais) last night. He’ll be in Abbeville at the Somme today. He defeated the LREM candidate in the first round.

07:07 : Let’s start the day with the first reminder of the main topics:

• Official campaign ends at midnight tonight. Emmanuel Macron is expected in Lot. He was the guest of France 2’s “20 Hours” last night. Last night, Marine Le Pen violently attacked the outgoing president during his last meeting in Arras (Pas-de-Calais).

• Mariupol, the port city claimed by Moscow “freed”still resisting Russian forces, says the Ukrainian government, according to which thousands of Ukrainian fighters continue to fight fiercely.

• Jacques Perrin died in Paris at the age of 80. Actor, filmmaker and producer who starred in the movie. donkey skin Where Drum Crab He also directed the documentary. people who migrate.

• WHO strongly recommends the antiviral paxlovid from Pfizer for patients with less severe forms of Covid-19, and “higher risk of hospitalization”. At the same time, the institution published a statement. “poor suggestion” For Remdesivir, from the American Gilead laboratory he had recommended until then.