Majority walking around the veil in sports


The controversial remarks of Minister Elisabeth Moreno caused trouble, rekindling the division over secularism among the elected LREM.

This is a scenario that Macronist leaders fear. The Presidency’s majority, on the initiative of the Republicans (LR), discussed the headscarf ban in sports competitions in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey this week, once again revealing their distinctions on secularism.

“It wasn’t necessary”regrets a member of La République en Marche (LREM). Christophe Castaner, the leader of the Walker MPs, nevertheless urged him not to go to his troops on Tuesday. “Falling into the trap set by the LRs”.

Unfortunately, the controversial statements made by the Minister’s Delegate for Gender Equality on Thursday caused a lot of excitement. Elisabeth Moreno asked a question about the Hijabeuses, a community of activists who advocate for the right to wear the veil during sporting events. “the right to wear a veil to play”. “I support girls to do sports without discrimination.He insisted. The law says these young girls can wear veils and play football. »

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This statement, perceived as an expression of support for the hijabs, forced the executive to reject the minister in the voice of his spokesperson. Gabriel Attal explained at Europe 1 on Friday that this position does not reflect the government’s position. However, he defended Elisabeth Moreno. “he clarified his words”

The day before, seeing the debate escalate, the minister told AFP that he regretted the incident.“instrumentalization” from his statement. “I do not in any way defend the existence of sports associations that openly admit that wearing the headscarf makes it a condition of membership and a kind of identity claim”pointed.

This confusion rekindled the continuing division in the majority among so-called secularists. openedand supporters of stricter secularism. Divisions put under the fire extinguisher since the law debates”separatism », early 2021. “We did everything to prevent it. Elisabeth Moreno’s debut was poorly arranged, she expressed herself poorly »Observes a member of the LREM group in the National Assembly.

In fact, the macronists’ disagreements resurfaced even before the minister’s statements. On Wednesday, lawmakers in the National Assembly discussed an amendment to the sports law by LR aimed at banning the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in competitions.

At the call of the government, most of the elected LREM and the Democratic Movement (MoDem) voted to abolish the existing one and denounced these attempts.“instrumentalization”right. But six members of the majority voted against, turning away from their colleagues. Among them are the former LR François Jolivet and Aurore Bergé, but also Anne-Christine Lang, close to the secularist Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer.“Religion has nothing to do with sports”Described in Hemicycle the Walker Aurore Bergé.

Ironically, confusion eventually spread through the ranks of the executive. In response to comments by their colleague Elisabeth Moreno, Ministers Bruno Le Maire (Economy) and Marlène Schiappa (Citizenship) have said they are in favor of banning prominent religious symbols during competitions… LR’s proposal.

After the intervention of Elisabeth Moreno at Matignon, new rules were enacted. Collaborators of Jean Castex asked ministers on Friday to pre-announce their radio and television programmes. Hoping to avoid new discussions until the end of the five-year period.