Mariupol still bombed, evacuation of civilians delayed, deputy mayor says “insane”


The capture of this city with a population of approximately 450,000 in the Sea of ​​Azov by Moscow will be a turning point in the occupation of Ukraine. This would allow for a merger between Russian forces from the annexed Crimea, which had already taken the key ports of Berdiansk and Kherson, and separatist and Russian troops in the Donbass.

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War in Ukraine: The agonizing risk of a major nuclear accident

War in Ukraine: The agonizing risk of a major nuclear accident

On the night of March 4, an event unprecedented in the history of civilian nuclear power occurred: a fighter opened fire on an installation. Fortunately, only technical buildings were affected within the boundaries of the Zaporozhye power station, which was conquered by the Russian army.

12:29: Protests planned across Europe this weekend

More demonstrations of support are planned across Europe, particularly in France, this weekend, ten days after the Russian army entered Ukraine. In the southwest, demonstrations were announced in Bordeaux, Bayonne and Périgueux.

12:15 pm: A team of British journalists was targeted

On Monday, February 28, four journalists from the British news channel Sky News were targeted. They believe that they fell into a real ambush and were saved only by a miracle. One of the reporters was shot and wounded. “It was a professional, the bullets kept hitting the car, they didn’t miss the mark,” one of them says.

11:59: Russians do not comply with ceasefire, evacuation of Mariupol is delayed

According to Le Monde, the shelling of the city of Mariupol did not stop, although the Russians promised a ceasefire. The evacuation of the civilian population, which will begin this Saturday morning, has therefore been delayed.

“The Russians keep bombing us and using artillery, this is insane!” told the city’s deputy mayor, Serhiy Orlov, to the BBC. “Civilians cannot escape under the bombs,” he said.

11:32 am: International Criminal Court seized by RSF after strike on Kyiv television tower

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has announced that it has seized the International Criminal Court (ICC) following what it described as a “war crime” strike by a Russian missile at the Kyiv television tower on Tuesday.

Tuesday, the sixth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Russian missile “hit” the equipment of this tower, killing five people.

A district of the city of Chernihiv that was bombed by the Russians and 47 people died.

A district of the city of Chernihiv that was bombed by the Russians and 47 people died.


11:15 am: What does Vladimir Putin really want? Analysis by a geopolitical expert

Today, there are three strategies open to Russia in Ukraine: forced Financing; offensive parched earth; and the resurrection of the “New Russia”. But Ukraine denies these three fates: it also refuses to enter orbit, be destroyed, or become a besieged state. Read Cyrille Bret’s analysis of Sciences Po geopolitics

10:46 am: Relative Russian advance, fierce fighting around Kyiv

On Saturday morning, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov acknowledged in a Facebook post that while the Russians were advancing in various directions, they only controlled a “small part” of the country’s territory and that Ukrainian fighters were “pushing them back”. .

“The ‘big’ army has demonstrated its true, cowardly and terrorist nature, capable of attacking the people – women, children, unarmed civilians”, but “the enemy will account for every life taken, every tear caused”, a-he added.

The Russian army, which continues to bombard Kyiv heavily, especially in the northwest and east, stated that pro-Russian separatists in the east took control of six settlements in the region from Donetsk. Russian forces also say they are advancing south and capturing ten villages and settlements.

10:35 am: Lot-et-Garonne couple crossed the Polish border

The couple and their 3-week-old twins, who left Lviv on Friday, were to arrive in Krakow on the night of Friday, March 4 – Saturday, March 5. Read their stories

10:12: hundreds dead but a balance sheet still hard to verify

After ten days of war, independent verification of the balance sheet is impossible. Kyiv reports at least 350 civilians and more than 9,000 Russian soldiers killed, without specifying military losses, and Moscow cites 2,870 deaths on the Ukrainian side and 498 on the Russian side.

According to the latest UN census, more than 1.2 million refugees have already fled Ukraine, leading to strong mobilization, especially in bordering countries.

“Hundreds of civilians have been killed and injured,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday.

10:03: “I’m not sure more sanctions will convince Putin to resign”

The G7 nations pledged on Friday to impose “harsh new sanctions” on Russia, and the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, promised to “maintain the pressure” “until the war is over”. However, the room for maneuver is narrow.

Together with their European allies, the Americans imposed unprecedented sanctions against the Russian financial system and oligarchs close to the Kremlin, banned the import of important technologies and imposed an air blockade. Russia was banned from major sporting events and dozens of companies withdrew from the country.

“I’m one of those who thinks that the threat of these sanctions “would be enough to deter President Putin from launching an attack”, “but that wasn’t the case,” says William Taylor, former US ambassador to Kyiv, “So I’m not sure more sanctions will convince him to resign. »

9:41: Facebook blocked, media controlled, Russia during censorship

Between the blocking of Facebook and a tough new law against independent media, the Russian people have virtually no access to official speeches. President Vladimir Putin thus intends to impose his official narrative of the invasion of Ukraine, which is presented as a limited peacekeeping operation aimed at protecting Russian-speaking Ukrainians from “genocide.”

Ukrainian army tank destroyed near Mariupol

Ukrainian army tank destroyed near Mariupol


9:30 am: Evacuation of civilians from Mariupol begins very soon

“The evacuation of the civilian population will begin at 10:00 French time,” said the Mariupol city hall, after the temporary ceasefire agreement with Russia. “In total, there will be several stages of evacuation and will be spread over several days, so that anyone who wants to leave will be able to do so,” the mayor said on his Telegram account.