Marl. Sports shooting: “New regulations make it so easy”


An ambitious marksman, Marc Marchand knows all the rules at his fingertips.
An ambitious marksman, Marc Marchand knows all the rules at his fingertips. (©The Country Briard)

replacing gun owners registration system hardened and SIA (Weapon Information System) strengthens existing provisions (read our 1st editionprivate February 2022). this sports shooters all are affected new regulations whose face shooters related to Montmirail.

“We are one of the most regulated sports associations,” explains Georges de Coisy, president of the Montmirail shooting club. “And that’s good,” adds Marc Marchant, a longtime sports shooter. “There is no doubt that anyone can be left with a firearm in their hand or in their home without serious control. »

The head of Coisy adds: “We need to regularly update these regulations. Do you know that the 1939 regulations were adapted not so long ago? »

Detention, transfer, regular practice, everything is observed

Unlike the United States, France is very cautious about gun possession. You must show your credentials to obtain the document required to purchase a firearm. It starts at the gun club. Close to a hundred shooters comply with these regulations at Montmirail. Without the regular and controlled presence of the shooting director, we would not have been able to get the famous stamp in the shooting book that attests to the meticulousness of the shooter.

Amending these provisions in 2020 currently only delegates the assessment of the quality of the shooter to the club president. The shooting book is deleted. It is the president who will send his opinion for or against the federation, which is the first stage of possession of a gun.

Shooters willingly submit to these regulations

Far from believing that Montmirail shooters could be bothered by increasingly stringent regulations, Marc says: “It’s good to have a gun, but if you’re a regular shooter, you want to change it regularly. I have to admit, this was a bit of a mess before the new regulations for February 2022. The transmission of weapons between shooters, even if well and properly constructed, can lead to administrative confusion. »

The new provisions do indeed simplify procedures and above all combat fraud or illegal arrest. Thus, the traceability of the weapons is strengthened.

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Transfer of weapons after death

Marc also explains the difficulties faced by those who died and took over the guns from ex-snipers and didn’t know the regulation: they were still real guns. Very often, ammunition was also in the hands of the heirs. The administrative vacuum did not target these heirs, and the death of a hitman did not come to regulate the transmission. Now, with this new system, it will be easier to trace the guns, and it will also call on the heirs to dispose of because they do not have a shooting license and a gun. It should be known that a gun has only one candidate owner. »

Hundreds of weapons are now in computer system

For Montmirail and his club alone, we can only guess that each shooter has at least one, and some even two or three. Therefore, we can exceed 250 pistols for the Montmirail club alone. All these right holders will have to submit to inspection under the penalty of cancellation of detention.

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