Massive outages in SNCF network in Picardy and Paris suburbs on Saturday evening

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11:00 : We are closing! Not without a last look at the main news headlines.

50 departments are still on orange alert for storms by Météo France. One person has died due to bad weather in Rouen, while the SNCF network is experiencing major disruptions in Picardy and the Paris suburbs.

• Polish Iga Swiatek did the short work of American Coco Gauff in the Roland-Garros final. At 1h08 of the game, the win is 6-1, 6-3.

• Emmanuel Macron’s sentence calling for “insulting Russia” angered the Ukrainian authorities. And at this time, Moscow claims on the ground that it has increased its control over the city of Sievierodonetsk.

• Jean-Michel Blanquer, the candidate for the legislative election in Montargis, was sprayed with white foam on the streets of the city of Loiret this afternoon. The two perpetrators of this Chantilly cream attack confessed the truth in the evening and were held in police custody.

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22:52 : An explanation for the breakdowns suffered by train users: A tree fell on a catenary at Survilliers in Val d’Oise. SNCF publishes the latest information on ongoing repairs on its site. “We expect the electrical installations to be supplied soon”Wrote.

22:43 : Between Creil and paris Nord blocked for more than 2 hours.. in the middle of a track.. thirsty and no news from sncf

22:42 : A thought, courage and patience for the survivors of this Saturday evening’s balustrade. You will need this.

22:35 : TER Nord couldn’t get any information from the driver for over 2 hours because he doesn’t know anything! This is not normal!

22:32 : Our tgv 2886 from Metz, Luxembourg, was also stuck in the middle of the fields for two short hours not far from Meaux… no more electricity on the tracks… we can go there we can spend the night? No news.

22:32 : Drive as a survivor from the train due to the storm, you are not alone. @ Stuck in a TGV He also shares his experiences with us.

22:19 : We Love Green festival, which had to cancel all its concerts this evening while the festival goers were wandering around bribery, bribery and bribery, states the repayment conditions in a post on Instagram.

22:16 : Chaos in Amsterdam: #KLM has decided to cancel all medium-haul flights to Amsterdam tonight. Due to adverse weather conditions and runway maintenance at Amsterdam-#Schiphol airport, many aircraft could not land and take off.

22:16 : @Pauline Indeed, the storm does not stop at the Belgian border, as you reminded me 😉

22:15 : KLM is canceling all inbound flights to Schipol Airport this evening for European medium-haul flights… It’s impossible to reach Paris tonight

22:09 : I list the departments where the orange warning has been removed: Ariège, Calvados, Dordogne, Eure, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, Manche , Mayenne, Orne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrenees, Sarthe and Seine-Maritime.

22:08 : 🔶 Get notified at 50 dpt on #vigilanceOrangeStay

22:08 : 50 departments are still concerned about the orange vigilance against thunderstorms, but it is emerging a bit in the west of the country.

22:07 : Firefighters should come and rescue us in principle

22:02 : Thalys Brussels-Paris was closed to traffic for 2 hours at Gonesse, an unused station due to the tree falling on the catenary. And we can’t get out of the station, which is closed.

22:02 : The same setback is happening to one of our readers who was affected by this in the comments.

22:02 : Evening galley visible for passengers of a TGV connecting Lille with Paris. Victims of the Gare du Nord blackout, their trains found themselves in the port at Villiers-Le-Bel, but on the way, not at platform level. And the exasperated travelers climbed the fence to leave the venue and try to reach Paris by other means. A franceinfo journalist who was also stranded on the train noted that it took very long minutes before agents opened a door to help passengers leave the scene.


21:53 : I am calling out to the victims of the bad weather that affected the whole country this evening and to the rescue teams who intervened hundreds of times. The government will be there for the affected areas.

21:53 : Elizabeth Borne has a word on Twitter for the victims of the bad weather that hit the country.

21:50 : Beyond the power outages and property damage we’ve seen in the neighborhood where Rouen station is located, this stormy episode will unfortunately have led to a victim. My thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

21:50 : Rouen Damien Adam’s assistant confirmed the death of a Rouennaise on social networks.

21:49 : The 30-year-old victim was found under a car this evening in the north of the city. He was dragged by the water before falling under the vehicle. The exact circumstances of his death are not yet clear.

21:48 : Man reported missing in Rouen after severe weather was found dead under a car.

21:33 : Passes and passes again

21:33 : our reader @Allier Hailstones larger than ping pong balls were also treated.

9.30 in the evening. : 🚜 This morning, with hail victims, farmers and vineyard growers on their farms and agricultural lands in the #CastelnaudAuzan region 👉 I call on the state to ensure recognition of the #natural disaster situation in the face of this climatic disaster.

21:29 : Spectacular photos of the roofs of Gers farmers’ barns and barns filled with holes after the hail has passed, to see at the France 3 Occitanie site. “We’re going to have to redo all the roofs, it can be complicated and insurance won’t take everything into account, complains about Philippe Tonini among our colleagues. I’ve never seen this strong and fast in the region, almost full of water.”

21:28 : Be careful if you have to set off on the Ile-de-France this evening, main roads such as the A86 are broken. Delays will also be reported at Paris airports and some public transport lines, particularly the RER B, which are interrupted by a power supply problem at the Gare du Nord. A detailed list can be found on the France Bleu Paris website.

21:18 : I was told that the Tradition pilgrimage (from Chartres to Paris) would stop, severe climatic conditions made bivouacs impractical. Their sacrifices matter!

21:17 : @Maximus If I believe the images circulating on social networks, I think this edition of the pilgrimage will be to Catholicism what Paris-Roubaix is ​​to cycling. The march was stopped in the evening due to weather conditions.

21:14 : Hi, I’ll try my question again. Can you say something about the Chartres pilgrimage that took place this weekend? Thank you!

21:07 : Satellite image of the medium-sized convective system covering the Île-de-France region and north of Centre-Val de Loire. This represents an area of ​​approximately 50,000 km2. #MCS #storms #vigilanceOrange via @eumetsat

21:06 : Pierre, you wore a nice hat before 😉

21:06 : In the comments, @floor shares with us an impressive satellite photo of the weather.

21:01 : “Apocalypse” #rouen #storms #rouenorages @Rouen #SeineMaritime

21:01 : In Rouen, the storm was quite severe compared to the creek that ran past my house and the overflowing sewers. Good luck to the locals to fix the damage and clean it up.

21:01 : Spectacular footage of the bad weather in Rouen, where one person is missing, according to Gérald Darmanin.

20:50 : Bad weather: 705 interventions mobilizing 690 firefighters 1 woman missing in Rouen. Thank you to all the government services mobilized.

20:50 : Gérald Darmanin gives a preview of the bad weather that has gripped France and announces the missing woman in the heavy rain-hit city of Rouen.

8:30 in the afternoon. : The Armagnac vineyard was hit by hail, says Bernard Malabirade, head of the chamber of agriculture: “This hail corridor followed the entire Lando-Gers border, and it is estimated that between 4 and 5,000 hectares of vines are affected and tens of thousands of hectares of crops are affected in Gers.”

20:07 : You can console yourself with Thursday’s replay June- 2022

20:06 : More photographs.

20:06 : [email protected] agreed to cancel Day 2 (Saturday) due to heavy rain 😫 Today is scheduled for electronic music: @CharlottedWitte, @MydSound and even @chetfaker.

20:04 :To wait: we actually can’t leave the forest, it’s flooded and storm is blowing at We Love Green. Apocalypse. #WLG2022

20:04 : Extremely slippery return to the snows of the We Love Green festival. #WLG2022 @WeLoveGreen

20:03 : Due to heavy rain and thunderstorms, we have to cancel tonight’s festival. Walk calmly towards the exit. see you tomorrow 💚

20:02 : We Love the Green festival, which continues at full speed in the Paris region, cancels the concerts planned for this evening due to the bad weather.

20:01 : 20 hours ! Let’s evaluate the information of the evening.

• 65 departments are still on orange alert by Météo France due to severe storms. It currently falls in the center of the country and in the Paris region. The latest news and impressive photos are live.

• Polish Iga Swiatek did the short work of American Coco Gauff in the Roland-Garros final. At 1h08 of the game, the win is 6-1, 6-3.

• Emmanuel Macron’s sentence calling for “insulting Russia” angered the Ukrainian authorities. And at this time, Moscow claims on the ground that it has increased its control over the city of Sievierodonetsk.

• Jean-Michel Blanquer, the candidate for the legislative elections in Montargis, sprayed shaving foam on the streets of the city of Loiret this afternoon. “Violence has no place in our democracy”He defended Elisabeth Borne.

19:52 : The wind is picking up, it’s getting dark, it’s roaring… It will soon be upon us in Bourbonnais…