McLaren coming to Formula E


McLaren Racing group has announced that it has just acquired Formula E team Mercedes-EQ, confirming that the German team will be well included in the ABB Formula E world championship from the 2023 season, as the German team will withdraw from the competition at the end of the season. this is the 2022 season.

McLaren Racing now has three different singles seats in three different sports series

With this acquisition, McLaren has chosen to develop its “Racing” business in the wonderful world of “100% electric” competition.
The Woking manufacturer therefore continues to invest in the competitive world of tomorrow as the manufacturer has already taken part in the Extreme E and Esports championships.
McLaren Racing is expanding the already important “sports on track lineup” by acquiring the team that Mercedes-Benz has held so far. McLaren F1, Arrow McLaren SP In the ranks we will add in IndyCar McLaren Extreme E and Esports McLaren Shadow.

We also learn that the current director of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team, Ian James, will continue to be in charge of the team and will preside over the British firm’s good integration into the ABB Formula E championship.

Official statements

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, said:
McLaren Racing is always looking to compete against the best and at the cutting edge of technology, giving fans and partners new ways to get excited, have fun and be inspired.. Formula E, like all championships we’ve been in, fulfills all these criteria. Like all types of motorsports we participate in, competition is at the heart of Formula E but will be strategically, commercially and technically complementary to McLaren Racing..
We are also delighted to welcome a leading Formula E team created by Mercedes into our home, which will become a full member of the McLaren Racing family. Although run separately from our Formula 1 and IndyCar teams, it complements and expands our electric competition program together with Extreme E.
I am confident that Formula E will offer something different to our fans, partners and the public by continuing to push us forward on the path to sustainable development, while giving McLaren Racing a competitive edge by better understanding all-electric racing. »

Future Formula E Team Principal Ian Jams added:
Today’s announcement confirms the next exciting chapter in the team’s development.
Performance, durability and adaptability have been key to our success since our founding three years ago. Mercedes-Benz has been one of the main providers of this team until now and when we started this journey we did not dare to wait for the results we achieved. The company’s clear goals and technological expertise have accelerated our goals, and I want to thank them for being the most supportive owners who have helped us do what we do best: racing. Now once again, they have been instrumental in finding the right partner to continue their Formula E adventure.
Joining McLaren Racing is a privilege. McLaren has always been synonymous with success and high performance. It’s a great moment for all parties involved, but especially for the people who make up this team. They’re the ones that make your heart beat. Being able to continue working with them is what excites me the most.
I’m really looking forward to the next episode and I’m proud to be a part of it for Season 9. Until then, we will focus on achieving the best possible results in 2022 for the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team. »

Therefore, we will need to know the names of the drivers, the name of the team and the bodywork of the GEN3 racer, which is expected to be on the track next year.
Below is a suggestion from a designer inspired by the “racing paint” of the MCL36 F1 single seater.

via McLaren.
Illustrations: Chris Paul Design.