ministers will be announced soon, latest rumors

DIRECTLY.  New government: ministers to be announced soon, latest rumors

STATE. While the announcement regarding the formation of the government should take place in the next few hours, the latest rumors about the names of the future ministers are circulating. What credit will you give them? Latest information.

11:55 – A new two-headed Ministry of Ecology

The current Ministry of Ecological Transition will be replaced. A priori, get off that name. As Emmanuel Macron stated in mid-April, he will be granted new privileges. A few names are circulating to take charge of this new two-headed administration responsible for energy planning and ecological and regional planning: Caroline Cayeux for women, Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo and Laurence Tubiana, Jean-Marc Jancovici and Pascal Canfin. It is also mentioned in the men’s category. You can find all the details in our article.

11:38 – Who will be the new government spokesperson?

This is one of the most revealing positions in government: the spokesperson position. In the first five years, Emmanuel Macron took a long time to find the right resume and tested Christophe Castaner, Benjamin Griveaux and Sibeth Ndiaye before appointing Gabriel Attal. If the youngest in government is strongly expected to hold the post of minister, he should not be a spokesperson. Two hypotheses have been put forward: Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Public Function and Transformation, and Sébastien Lecornu, who now owns the Overseas portfolio. Both are quoted to stay in the future organization no matter the situation.

11:17 – Will Damien Abad (LR) be appointed as minister?

It is subject to much speculation on the right. Damien Abad, head of the LR group in the National Assembly, intensifies the many attacks from his political family, who accused him of wanting to join Emmanuel Macron. After a meeting with Thierry Solère, Emmanuel Macron’s political adviser between the two rounds, could Ain’s deputy join the government? As with all other positions and candidates, the law of silence prevails, so his crazy government plans position him at the head of a social ministry. But the elected official promised to “clarify his situation by Friday” after the new government was announced. Insignificant timing.

11:00 – Julien Denormandie stays in government?

To close observers who describe him, he is a “Macron encore”. Julien Denormandie, who was once expected to be Prime Minister, should hold a place in the next government. The current owner of the Agriculture portfolio, close to Emmanuel Macron, the leader of his victorious campaigns in 2017 and 2022, may go to a new Morocco. It is quoted for National Education, but only on circulating lists, so its reliability is questionable. But it wouldn’t be surprising if he was nominated again.

10:42 – Towards a troubled government?

This is the promise made at the beginning of every five-year term: reduce the number of ministers. Emmanuel Macron could have surrounded himself with only about fifteen ministers, at least initially, according to a few harmonious hesitations. The Head of State would consider expanding his government after the legislative elections.

10:07 – Is Elisabeth Borne really forming her government?

According to the established formula, the Prime Minister must “offer” a government to the President. But really, what is it? The Matignon tenant’s room for maneuver is actually much less than on paper. When the head of state appoints the head of government, he has the opportunity to indirectly remove him from office. It also enjoys patronage status and directly enjoys the legitimacy of universal suffrage. The comments of Roger Karoutchi, the 1st Vice-President of the Senate and Sarkozy’s former minister, confirm the current situation. Parisian in the words of one LREM member: “he had to make his proposals and the president had to make his list (ministers, editor’s note).” plenty of counselors Le Figaro : “The Macron who decides, the Matignon who implements it.”

09:58 – Was the director of the Palace of Versailles appointed to Kultur?

One of these new echoes: the echo of Catherine Pgard’s arrival at the Ministry of Culture. According to recent rumors, the current director of the Palace of Versailles can handle the rue de Valois. At 67, her resume would be studied to replace Roselyne Bachelot. Director of “Versailles” since 2011, this former journalist was once the political adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, who was appointed to the Elysée and later in charge of the cultural files of the palace. Could his appointment as head of culture be seen as a signal that Emmanuel Macron sent to his predecessor?

09:38 – Robert Ménard did not have a ministerial offer

Marine Le Pen’s support has been reaffirmed, while doubts about a possible entry into Robert Ménard’s government have been raised in recent days in light of the statements made by the mayor of Béziers to the President’s speech. CHNewsthis Thursday, “I asked for nothing and nothing was offered to me.”

09:32 – Carole Delga refuses to be a minister

Carole Delga, head of the Occitanie region, said she would refuse ministerial duties if an offer was made to her. “I am not for sale,” said the elected socialist. from right to left, this Thursday morning. “I do not approve of Emmanuel Macron’s project, I am against retirement at 65,” he said.

08:59 – Are the former “ministers” integrated into the government?

During the three weeks separating Emmanuel Macron’s victory from the Prime Minister’s proclamation, many names swirled around. Had it been Elisabeth Borne who was ultimately chosen, some of the aforementioned profiles could still have integrated the government. This is particularly the case of Grand Reims president Catherine Vautrin, who was “disconnected” at the last minute with Matignon, who could take over a portfolio linked to Justice or Defense, which Valérie Létard could also benefit from and become head of government at the last minute. Audrey Azoulay would not be in the small papers.

08:45 – Elisabeth Borne was at the Elysée Wednesday evening

As with Tuesday afternoon and evening, Elisabeth Borne spoke with Emmanuel Macron again at the Elysée. This has been reported ParisianIt evokes a meeting between the President and the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening. What to think about progress in the formation of government?

08:29 – What is the future for Gabriel Attal?

He is one of the leading figures of the government. Having been front of the scene throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Gabriel Attal is one of the rare members of the former Castex team to enjoy a relatively good degree of popularity with the general public. But what will the future be? All indications are that the youngest of the former government will retain the post of minister and should even be promoted. An education-related portfolio would await him: It is not yet clear whether Jean-Michel Blanquer will become the former Secretary of State for National Education or Higher Education.

08:19 – Can Edouard Philippe reinstate the government?

This is one of the latest rumors about the future composition of the government: Could Edouard Philippe be part of the future government? His name would be mentioned in the Foreign Office. But how reliable can this rumor be? At first, it’s small. Little by little, the former Prime Minister showed no intention of leaving the town hall in Le Havre, although he wanted to focus on the political game. However, it won’t be the first time a former Matignon tenant has found a ministerial function: Jean-Marc Ayrault, Alain Juppé, Laurent Fabius and even Michel Debré have been reinstated in a government. But Edouard Philippe’s return seems unlikely. On the other hand, one or more lieutenants should be part of the future organization.

08:03 – New names circulating

Top of government charts since the start of the week. Ministry architectures circulate in messaging cycles, especially within the media, without too much seriousness and with a particularly obscure origin. Ministries are assigned to personalities, which fuels rumours. Enough to bring up and release many names, even if some persistently come back and some profiles pop up in the last hours.

07:50 – New government for today?

Less than 72 hours after Elisabeth Borne’s appointment as Prime Minister, will the new government finally be announced? There is currently no certainty on the matter. Elysée, like Matignon, gives no symptoms. However, it is certain that the names of the future ministers will be known during the day. As a matter of fact, a Council of Ministers will be convened before the weekend, which will be held after the transfer of all powers, thus tightening the calendar.


The formula is widely used and mostly searched on the web in such a political order. However, the “Macron Government” is not quite right to designate all the ministers responsible for implementing the President’s policy. It is even constitutionally wrong. Because Article 8 makes it clear that it is up to the Prime Minister to form the government and propose to the Head of State who will then appoint the ministers. Also, the press release from the Elysée that formalized Elisabeth Borne’s appointment clearly states that Emmanuel Macron “has given him the mandate to form a Government”. But in fact, the Matignon tenant’s room for maneuver is very limited. “The proposal is official. Everything is done earlier in the Elysée. The President may have consulted the Prime Minister. But it is the President who will make the decision. There is no margin, because the President appoints and dismisses the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister may have ideas, but at the end of the day he will decide.” It is the President who is the President”, explained to Linternaute Roger Karoutchi, 1st Vice-President of the Senate and former Secretary of State for Relations with the Parliament, at the start of Nicolas. Sarkozy’s tenure of 5 years. Thus, combining the terms “government” and “Macron”, while inappropriate from a textual point of view, rather represents the truth behind the political scenes. But now it would be appropriate to speak of a “born government”.

Now this is the question that must be answered immediately: Which ministers will be appointed along with Elisabeth Borne to form the new government? For now, just speculation. A lot of names pop up everywhere with more or less seriousness. Now as names outside the former Castex government proliferate (read details here), ex-ministers want to hold a position (temporarily?) too. There are many suitors, but places will be rare, Emmanuel Macron has promised a major reorganization.

Elisabeth Borne is now officially Prime Minister and is responsible for forming a government, talks with Emmanuel Macron will begin to define the framework for the future ministry and select the named personalities and the circle of their portfolios. How long can this take? If the negotiations between the president and the head of government are not prolonged, tax, legal and conflict of interest checks should be carried out before all names are formalized. If the new government can be appointed on Tuesday, formalization should take place on Wednesday, 18 May 2022.