Ministry of Education seeks ways to promote girls’ practice of rugby


“In our opinion, it is important to think about the levers and actions to look at and put the brakes and restrictions on the practice of rugby, especially women’s rugby, which means that it is quite limited compared to other sporting activities. There is room to give this sport a continuous momentum and encourage its practice by girls. ”, Belqasmi said at the opening of the national symposium on the future of rugby in Morocco, held at the initiative of Rugby in Morocco: tank (RMTT).

To that end, awareness and communication seem to be an important lever for promoting the practice of rugby and acting on the collective imagination that perceives this sport as essentially masculine, he said. Vice President of School Sports and International School Sports Federation.

He underlined that partners acting in the world of sports have an important role to play in this area, referring to some elements to nurture the reflection on the streets that can help massively and democratize the practice of rugby in Morocco. among girls.

In this sense, he proposed making a quantitative inventory of rugby practice in Morocco to outline improvement paths in terms of supply and demand, identify barriers associated with the development of rugby in Morocco, and identify barriers to women’s practice of rugby. This discipline is within a specific time horizon, in order to identify the levers to be activated and the actions to be taken to overcome these obstacles, and to define a quantitative target in terms of the number of rugby players to take action for all actors and partners.

It is also a question of identifying human, material, technical and regulatory resources as well as actions to be taken to consolidate and strengthen the main role of school sport as a breeding ground for national rugby sport. Optimal combination of existing sports facilities and equipment as a lever for the promotion of rugby in Morocco, as well as mobilizing all players and partners (sports associations, players in the sporting world, sports federations, parents, media). , … ), he said, is to make the development of rugby a common goal.

Furthermore, the development of rugby practice also requires proper sports infrastructure, the official continues, noting that the grouping of school sports and sports under the same ministry offers real opportunities to combine infrastructure and existing sports equipment for school sports and national sports today. Sport.

This merger will also create greater synergy in the implementation of any action aimed at promoting and developing different sports, and in this case, rugby insisted.

Obviously, the school is a real nursery for the national sport. Based on this, the Ministry of Education, Preschool and Sport, in cooperation with the Royal Moroccan School Sports Federation and other sports federations and associations, provides a national program of school sports competitions for each school year. Belqasmi.

He said that this program is aimed to be rich and diversified by expanding the range of sports activities carried out in schools in accordance with the principles of regional equality, inclusive education and gender equality.

The school sports program includes rugby, the last competitions of which are held in partnership with the Royal Moroccan Rugby Federation at the beginning of June under the motto “School sport at the service of boys and girls”. He reminded that 316 male and female students representing 27 teams participated.

“Our aim is to further increase the number of students practicing in Morocco, taking into account the goals aimed at promoting this discipline,” he said.

Regarding the symposium, Mr. Belqasmi welcomed the topics of the well-chosen panels and said that the topics to be discussed really outline a strategy for rugby development.

“Furthermore, I would like to greet all participants who have demonstrated through their presence their determination to promote this sport, which is considered a highly masculine sport and requires more effort to expand its scope to the general public,” he said.

“The symposium is a very important opportunity to reflect on this issue and to share experiences and generate new ideas and ideas through the strength of the suggestions of the experts and players in the sports world who are here. There are concrete proposals for the development of rugby in Morocco,” he added.

Aiming to find permanent solutions to the crisis of rugby in Morocco, this meeting will serve as a platform to discuss the development possibilities, organizational methods and future projection of the national oval ball.

According to the organizers, it seeks to “reject narrow calculations, actors’ hostility or vicious polemics.” In fact, putting rugby and its future at the center of reflections.”

The themes to be covered in this symposium, which was determined by the participation of an audience of former players, managers and rugby lovers, are related to the perspectives of rugby union, women’s rugby, rugby sevens, school rugby, university rugby and the legal framework. For the practice of this sport.

It is a matter of creating a dynamic of change and reform, clearing the axes of the future with the power and reflection of the proposal. The aim is the emergence of a legitimate, inclusive think tank open to all regions.