Miss France: Sylvie Tellier departs, pageant turns into reality TV… Alexia Laroche-Joubert responds to rumors

Alexia Laroche-Joubert wanted to dismiss rumors about the Miss France pageant, especially those who said Sylvie Tellier was about to leave the company, that the event was being called to be a reality TV show, or that the news coverage was against the rules. The soul of Miss France.

Just an explanation. In a lengthy interview published by Le Parisien on Tuesday, June 21, Alexia-Laroche Joubert, who was appointed president of the Miss France society in October 2021, wanted to break the record because the Miss France beauty pageant has been the subject of many rumors. a few weeks.

The person who is also the producer of several television shows (“Koh-Lanta”, “Fort Boyard”…) told Le Parisien: “Sylvie (Tellier, editor’s note) is currently on duty and you will see her in prime time. . December’s elections”. And Alexia Laroche-Joubert insists: no, there was “never a question” about leaving the managing director of Miss France.

It was Geneviève de Fontenay, the former chairman of the Committee, who said in an interview with France on Sunday, June 10, that Sylvie Tellier’s days are now numbered in the famous house. The lady in the hat announced this information without pouting in delight—his hostility to Sylvie Tellier had been commonplace for several years. “It’s no longer a rumor: Alexia Laroche-Joubert really did remove him, I just got confirmation,” she said, “so this dismissal didn’t make her either hot or cold. And she rightly said: “I couldn’t digest what he’d done to me in recent years, so I will not cry for him. He is not in a pitiful condition financially. He will have earned a lot more money than me!”.

She’s also close with Geneviève de Fontenay, who announced that the beauty pageant will be turned into a reality TV show. Indeed, Hubert Guérin gave the Télé Star a complete revival with the establishment of selection methods radically different from those used up to that time. “The production will kick off a major television series. “An army of professional casters will look for candidates whose physique looks good on TV and has a story to tell,” he said. False assures Alexia Laroche-Joubert. “It remained and will remain a beauty pageant. Miss France will never be a reality show! There was never any doubt about that,” he beat, still at Le Parisien.

“In harmony with society”

Alexia-Laroche Joubert also talked about the new rules of the contest, which opened its doors to married women, mothers and transgender people this year. The producer made it clear that these rules only relate to the “final stage of the competition”. “We require candidates to be over the age of 18, taller than 1.70 meters, and female for marital status in order to wear designer dresses. On this last point, it has always been so. We don’t know if there were any trans women before, it’s a matter of their privacy,” she said first, referring to Andréa Furet, who was elected the 1st Dauphine from Paris 2022, and Andréa Furet, who was the first openly trans woman to enter the beauty pageant.

“I think the values ​​that Miss France stands for are very important. There are evolutions and good developments too. Andréa is extremely beautiful, she fits Miss France’s criteria of beauty perfectly. From the moment a woman has a civil status – gender reassignment and administrative procedures belong to her privacy – “Miss France’s goal is to connect with the current society,” Alexia Laroche-Joubert told TVMag this time around.

Regarding the issue of opening the pageant to mothers, she states that “being a mother and Miss France for a whole year is very complicated”, but admits that “if she had a career as a mother”. , “cannot assume that they cannot organize themselves”.

Regarding his desire to change the rules, he told TVmag: “You should know that I artistically improved the production of the program for the centennial and then founded the company in July of last year. At that time I questioned the committees a lot, talked to the former Miss France, fit in with society and above all completely restructured the institution. Previously, it was part of Endemol as a department. However, I thought Miss France had a real activity with the mood, the rules, and the committees. I wanted to give back autonomy to the latter because I think the strength of this competition is above all regional participation. “I think committees can best consider applications from young women submitted to them, and I’ve changed national regulations to allow them,” he said.

“The committees then adapt as they please. While some retain previous criteria, such as the 18 to 24 (officially no age limit, editor’s note) restriction, others follow suit. I trust them, they are completely autonomous. So, when asked whether a 40-year-old woman could now become Miss France, Alexia Laroche-Joubert answers “yes”, but “arbitration should depend on committees”: she will be elected’

“I was inspired by Miss Universe to change the rules,” she explains. This competition, which welcomes women from many different countries, each with certain rules, requires very few criteria. Then we stay at a beauty pageant with strong values ​​championed by Miss France. The important thing for me was to give importance to regionalism. Therefore, a national casting to choose Miss France was never out of the question”.