Musk will (finally) report on his latest generation rockets

Will Starship finally lift SpaceX’s production lines? Elon Musk may have some answers next Thursday.

According to The Verge, Elon Musk will be speaking to provide an update on the matter next Thursday. starshipSpaceX left its mark on the new generation rockets. A speech to be eagerly awaited; indeed, his last speech on the subject dates back a few years. In addition, the program is entering a critical phase that deserves some explanation.

Formerly “codenamed ship”Big F****** Rocket” is the future forerunner of the catalog of American aerospace giant SpaceX, founded by Tesla’s guru. It is a tool that promises to be. revolutionary in many ways. For starters, it’s definitely huge in size. The machine culminates at an altitude of 48 meters, to which the 70 meters of the famous Super Heavy launcher must be added.

With such measurements, there can be no doubt about its mission; designed for interplanetary travel. Its role will be to transport humans to places much farther from the International Space Station, such as the Moon or Mars. SpaceX engineers and enthusiasts, therefore, can’t wait to see this juggernaut reach orbit; There is no doubt that this launch will open a new page in aviation.

From overflowing enthusiasm to radio silence

Last I heard, there was a lot to be excited about. Elon Musk of the Boca Chica base spoke in front of a complete prototype of the ship. The program schedule, technical challenges facing engineers and oh the very ambitious goals of the Starship program.

But here it is: ever since, absolute radio silence On the SpaceX side, at least when it comes to Starship. It’s a surprising appreciation to know that Musk has been giving us regular updates on the beast’s pregnancy since 2016. the result of a difficult transition. We may have more information on this after next Thursday’s announcements.

Elon Musk has not yet specified the subject of his presentation. But it will probably concrete announcements, knowing that the starship should theoretically approach home stretch of preparations. Therefore, we can expect the leader to announce the date of the final test series and possibly the first flight in almost real conditions. But if that’s the case, it will be mandatory take this knowledge with a grain of salt.

The Raptor is the rocket engine of discord. © Brandon DeYoung/SpaceX

Musk blows hot and cold

Actually, Musk is known for many things, but clarity on deadlines is definitely not part of it. Whether he takes the role of SpaceX’s number one salesperson too much (too much?) or just can’t hold his tongue, it’s hard to say; but one thing is for sure, those who trust him in the definitive Starship timeline are still wiggling their fingers.

It is an industry that has always had a complex relationship with the concept of aviation. deadline. But even in this often ambiguous context, Musk has a tendency to blow hot and cold. At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the leader seemed extremely enthusiastic and confident in fulfilling the program. But in the summer, he announced that the launch has been delayed until mid-2021 this time. He then spoke of a departure in the fall before returning once again to his announcements; Currently, it looks like the launch is scheduled for July 2022.

But it goes without saying that we will remain skeptical of these announcements. At least it would be safer until the juggernaut is gone forever. Especially since the last news, still too much work; The course of the program found him completely upset. The whims of the Raptor’s rocket engine. This central piece of the future ship has, according to some observers, plagued many engineers over the past few months to such an extent that they have brought “catastrophic” to their head.

This delicate situation even raised doubts about the durability of a titan that many considered unshakable. So it will be interesting to see if Musk finally unveils a ready-to-fly Starship during his presentation. We invite you to meet on Friday, February 11th at 2pm European time (or Thursday, February 10th at 20:00 US time).