Navymedia acquires sports media Sport-TV


Sport-TV sports media homepage

It will make a splash in Lyon’s digital territory: Lyon-based youth site publishing company Navymedia offers itself the sports media Sport TV is the leading online media for streaming TV broadcasts / sports matches and events. Technical challenges, management options, commercial challenges await. Gradually, the Navymedia bird makes its nest.

As is often the case, it is a matter of meeting. Franck Loisel is passionate about sports. For over 15 years, has been broadcasting almost 100% of sporting events broadcast on TV / Streaming on its website. Yvan Romieu is president of Navymedia, a website publishing and natural referencing company. To its credit, fifteen sites specializing in business, technology, decoration, finance… and now sports.

When tech sets the limits of passion

When you start your project, you are shaping your answers to the questions of the moment, even if you guessed it. If this is true in any entrepreneurial project, it is even more true on the web, where the choice of a technology rather than a technology can lead to the success or failure of the project as a whole. When success is at the meeting point, progress is sometimes conditioned by thresholds that are hard to cross.

Sport TV, brought online by Sébastien Durand in April 2006, was one of the leading media sites in the sports world at the time. The diary featured all television appointments. After 16 years of collaboration with a blogging platform led by Franck Loisel, Sport TV site is reinventing itself with Navymedia. Finally take the reins and assume complete independence.

Merger buyout?

Admittedly, going into the Navymedia floor, this acquisition (for an undisclosed amount) will allow Sport TV to thrive. Starting with a new dynamic graphic environment as well as easier navigation between channels and different sports disciplines.

The strength of Sport TV lies in its ability to deliver rich, quality content (daily updated calendars). Thus, the Internet user is allowed to obtain important information about various sporting events. Close collaboration with various broadcasters provides access to TV rights, press releases, highlights, viewers and a variety of media information. The site also offers highlighting articles about daily appointments. Hence, 15 to 20 articles every day and 30 to 50 articles on the weekend, provided by a four-person editorial team, that sees the day, that is, over a hundred each week.

For Yvan Romieu, founder and president of Navymedia, “This acquisition aims to develop the audience of the iconic sports and media themed site. Mission is to continue writing rich content for sports programs. To support internet users to follow all sports offers in all media (TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.). De finally develop new key partnerships with all the advertisers in the industry.

Sports media Sport-TV’s goals for the upcoming season

Franck Loisel will continue to be responsible for and in charge of Sport-TV’s series of articles. Thanks to this new collaboration, in particular,

  • A mobile app will come on iOS and Android;
  • a new dynamic version of TV programs based on channels, sports, competitions and teams and research;
  • development, display and production of sponsored content membership;
  • new partnerships in new disciplines

Conclusion with the figures of the first meetings

  • 15 years of experience in the field (made online in 2006);
  • 1 successful pass at the end of January 2022;
  • 320,000 visits on 12/31/2021 versus 450,000 visits at the end of February and 600,000 monthly pageviews
  • 25+ sports for 90 championships/competitions on 77 TV channels

In an initial development in their audience, the site has set a goal of reaching a new milestone (1 million unique visitors in 6 months) to provide Internet users with richer, more complete sports information as close to their expectations as possible.