NCIS: Gibbs departure, new characters … explosive start to season 19 on M6 – TV News Series

“NCIS” returns tonight on M6 for a new 19th season that will mark the departure of Mark Harmon (Gibbs), who appeared in only the first episodes. But fans can look forward to a successful goodbye and the best start to the season.

While the NCIS franchise should soon expand with the launch of a new series, season 19 of NCIS: Special Investigations, set to take place this time in Australia, is still airing in the United States, arriving tonight on M6. In a new time slot since debuting on Fridays, the series will now be screened every Tuesday in front of the Koh Lanta audience juggernaut on TF1.

Mark Harmon’s departure after nearly two decades in the lineage of special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a major innovation, just one of the changes for this nineteenth season. And for his farewell, the NCIS screenwriters put the small plates inside the big ones. With a final arc of four parts not to be missed.

Four episodes to say goodbye to Gibbs

In the final seconds of the season 18 finale, which aired in France last fall, Gibbs’ boat exploded while the latter was on board. It leaves the future of the hero of the series wondering.

But as revealed in the trailer above revealed by M6, the supervisor of the NCIS team is alive and well when season 19 begins, and will do anything to unmask the person responsible for this explosion, with the exception of the mysterious serial killer. A new victim appears every 100 days and has been hunted relentlessly since the previous season.

Despite being sacked, faithful journalist Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber) and the character of Mark Harmon, still assisted by the rest of her team, soon discover that the killer she’s after is not the person she’s after. Behind this whole story hides a dark truth involving a large industrial group.

Fully serialized, the first four episodes of the season take the form of suspense, humor, and at the same time an emotional conclusion to this plot that will have such a strong impact on the heroes of NCIS. same.

After 418 episodes (that’s all), Mark Harmon has decided to leave NCIS and will therefore hang his badge after episode 4, “The Big Wide Open,” which should air on M6 on Tuesday, March 22. And it will give us some very cool (final) scenes between the actor and a few of his regular game partners, including Sean Murray, David McCallum, and Rocky Carroll.

Don’t count on us to tell you how Gibbs will say goodbye to McGee, Torres, Kasie, Palmer, Ducky and Vance. But know that the emotion will be there, and this latest narrative arc dedicated to the character definitely makes NCIS see us see what Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is the most successful and most breathtaking since her return in season 17.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

A partially renewed team

After the departure of Maria Bello (Sloane) and Emily Wickersham (Bishop) and Mark Harmon’s announced farewell, NCIS naturally needed new blood, and tonight with the return of agent Jessica Knight (Katrina) in the first episode to do. Law) officially joined the ranks of the team after his promotion at the end of last season.

Knight brings a healthy dose of humor to the series. And Ellie’s dealings with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who are trying to recover from her sudden departure, have already ignited at the start of season nineteen. Is a new pair of favorite viewers emerging before our eyes?

Still on the side of new recruits, Gary Cole joins the show as Alden Parker, an undercover FBI agent who comes to help the team and investigates the serial killer being tracked by Gibbs. Solve this most thorny issue as quickly as possible. Before he left the FBI for NCIS and thus replaced Gibbs as leader? Reply soon on M6.