Netflix wants to end password sharing

Netflix wants to prevent stowaways on accounts.
Netflix wants to prevent stowaways on accounts.

Star streaming platform announced in a press release: a test will see the light of day avoid sharing passwords Among too many people on Netflix.

For now, a new system will soon be tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Could France soon be subject to these restrictions as well? For now, Netflix France, joined, He doesn’t want to communicate about it.

At the source of this test on Netflix: “Confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared,” the company said in a press release (in English) to Chengyi Long, head of innovation and products.

We’ve always made it easy for people living together to share their Netflix account with features like separate profiles and multiple streams on our Standard and Premium plans.

Chengyi Long Director of Innovation and Product at Netflix

One, two or four screens at the same time

Indeed, Netflix allows create joint accounts with separate profilesto watch movies and series multiple screens at the same timesimultaneous.

The video-on-demand giant offers accounts for one profile, two profiles, or four profiles as needed, for example, to allow people who don’t share the same household to take advantage of a group subscription.

Today, the platform offers three types of subscription:

  • basic package, from € 8.99 per month for a single simultaneous screen (for a single person).
  • standard package13.49 euros per month for two simultaneous screens.
  • premium plan17.99 euros per month for four simultaneous screens.

it’s very easy to cheat

But everyone knows that a Netflix account for four different people (hence four profiles) is actually used by many more users, because passwords are very shared in the personal circles of Netflix customers. The proof is in Brian, who testified for himself. :

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My mom got a dual profile account and shared her password with me and my two siblings from the very beginning. So essentially, we’re four people on the same account. It’s easy to cheat because we never watch our movies and series at the same time, so we’re never stuck.

Brian, 22 years oldyoung active

The young man adds that he would never have subscribed to a single subscription without this sharing of passwords: “Too expensive for what I use: to watch two or three times a week. »

The same goes for Camille*, 23, who has an account shared with four people who can watch her shows at the same time.

“I actually share my profile with my boyfriend, my brother, and the profile is on my family’s TV. The same goes for the other three people for whom I paid the subscription, who shared the password with those around them. Finally, we are 15 people on the account, not four! ‘ says the young girl.

Therefore, there are many stowaways.

“This affects our ability to invest in new programs”

But the American band is exactly avoid such tricks, “Accounts are shared between households, which affects our ability to invest in new television shows and movies for our members,” says Chengyi Long.

For example, the company says it has been working for a year on ways to allow members who share their profiles outside of their homes to do so easily and securely. by paying a little more. Then it will no longer be possible to freely share the password.

That’s why two new features will be tested very soon in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru:

  • Adding sub-accounts for standard and premium plans : users will be able to add up to two people they don’t live with – each with their own profile, personalized recommendations, username and password – for a lower price: 2,380 pesos (€2.70) in Chile, $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN (1.92 euro) in Peru.
  • possibility of transfer the profile to a new account: Members of the basic, standard, and premium plans will be able to allow people who share their accounts to transfer their profile information to a new account or an additional member sub-account – preserving the viewing history, list, and personalized recommendations.

But how to check this is the end of the possibility of sharing your password? Netflix France has not yet given an answer to this question.

More expensive subscriptions and competition

Netflix says it wants to offer users new flexible and useful features.

We will try to understand the benefit of these two features for the members of these three countries. [le Chili, le Pérou, le Costa Rica, NDLR] before making changes elsewhere in the world.

Chengyi LongInnovation and Products Director

The flagship platform, which has been the market leader for years, lose its monopoly with the advent of big competitors like Amazon Prime, Disney+ even french tumble.

The company earned only 8.2 million paid accounts from September 2021 to December 2021 (out of 221 million accounts), as shown in figures released by the company. capital city. This figure is lower than other years.

According to Netflix France, there should be no reflections on subscription prices in countries where the system will be tested.

However, subscription prices have increased several times in recent years. Enough to scare away more and more followers of the streaming giant.

*Name changed

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