Netflix will take inspiration from Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus for its new functionality


Looking for new avenues of growth, Netflix now plans to launch live content, as the majority of its direct competitors have already done. So after Disney+, Prime Video and Apple TV+, NETFLIX says it’s ready to surrender to live sirens.

The world’s number one streaming company has had to deal with serious repercussions and deep questions, with the loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, unexpected losses and some shareholder revolts.

NETFLIX wants to bring back the taste and magic of television to its subscribers

After announcing that they wanted to manage over 100 million inappropriately shared accounts, they considered a cheaper offer with ads for families or low-income students. This time, Netflix can enter a field it has always abandoned: live. This has been confirmed by Deadline Hollywood.

As of now, the new service is still in the planning stages and development is starting, but no one would be surprised as long as all those suitors are already included, whether it’s Disney+ on Prime Video or Apple TV.

In France, Prime Video has a clear lead over its rivals, as the platform lets you follow the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 football championships, as well as Roland Garros live every week. It also brings you a stream of the qualifiers for the main tournament from May 22 to June 5.

In the United States, Disney+ broadcast this year’s Oscars live and soon had the movie Dancing with the Stars locally. Apple TV+ continues to stream two live baseball games each week in the United States.

Currently, Netflix mostly considers making live broadcasts mandatory for, for example, single-player shows or “unscripted” series where viewers have to vote for a continuation of the live broadcast. The “Dance 100” dance competition will also compete with Disney Plus, and the laugh festival Netflix Is A Joke is also being considered.

If successful, you can imagine that Netflix would quickly start bidding on international sports competitions or other types of events.

Alongside the regular live content, Netflix will offer a kind of “premium TV” (ad-free or ad-free, depending on future formulas), which could entice platform users to retain streaming subscribers rather than monthly subscriptions over time.

appearing on reality TV

Once the service is configured, your content may be delivered with a few seconds delay in case of a problem. However, other options are on the menu, such as reality series like “Selling Sunset,” which is already in its fifth season, according to Deadline. Better still, it will pave the way for many series that are yet to be written, but could use the concept to present something completely different. Another possibility that is on everyone’s lips. This sport. Rights issues in this area can complicate matters.

No release date has been specified yet, but the product is in development. In April, Netflix rolled out a new feature that will tell you more precisely whether you like a TV show or a movie. The platform also plans to charge for account sharing among friends. Many initiatives to increase revenues and subscribers. The management warned the employees and said that if they don’t like the job, they can quit. There may be movement in the coming months.